They're Back!

They're back...and so are we. Sort of.

Our long term followers will have observed a noticeable drop off in reports over the last few seasons. When we first kicked off back in 2010, NBL.TV didn't exist, the NBL was not exactly cruising and Mitch Creek was just staring his career. I'm glad to say that since then, the league has gone to another level, coverage is a million times better and my life has got a lot fuller , making it very challenging to find time to maintain a blog. Occasionally you'll see some stuff on twitter/facebook and other places and that's pretty much it. Blog posts will be random.

It is a huge season though, capped off by the 36ers/Jazz game, so I thought I'd drop a few thoughts.

I really like the roster the team assembled. Mitch was a big loss but I'm glad to see him gone because he's given himself the best chance of cracking the NBA or at least a bigger European club.

Wiley looks like my kind of guy. Expecting him to be a fan favourite and one of the most respected imports in the league. 

Good to have Ramone back too. You know what you're getting there.

Deleon I'm not as excited about, possibly just down to our revolving door of point guard imports. He's a one-and-done most likely.

The rookies (McVeigh and Froling) will provide energy, enthusiasm and some different options for the frontcourt. They'll both get a good run this season.

Having watched a bit of premier league this season, I think we could have found some better options than Doyle but he only gets spot minutes anyway so not a huge deal.

I expect Drmic and Deng in particular to step up this season, with Sobey and DJ providing a great 1-2 punch.

It will be a super tight league but I'll be surprised if this team can't return to the Grand Final series.

The boys played great, the longer game and altitude seemed to play their part in the end. Utah has a very deep team and is killing everyone in the preseason so they can hold their heads high. Sobey, Moore and Wiley were probably our best but great to see so many guys have some highlights to remember.

Caught the start and end and disappointed the guys couldn't hang on for the win. Bryce Cotton and some very average offensive choices killed us down the stretch but the team looks the goods.

Other random thoughts........

-Loving KB in a shirt and tie
-Good to see DJ & Sobes get a go as team leaders
-Drmic moving so much better, like he had a hip replacement or something


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