Roll On 16/17

As reported by Boti Nagy in today's "The Advertiser" , Adelaide goes into the 2016/2017 with 7 players signed, leaving just 3 roster spots to fill. That also doesn't leave the team much room to mix things up.

The biggest likely change will be saying goodbye to captain and one of our best in recent years, Adam Gibson. For both parties, it's probably time for a change. Gibson hasn't been at his best for the last two seasons but has still been a huge contributor. It seems crazy to let a Boomer walk but if Adelaide retains Randle and has Teys and Sobey stitched up, it makes sense that Gibbo heads north east.

Ebi Ere, despite being one of our best over the last month, is also likely to be let go. He found some form recently but his age is working against him. As he's utilising one of the import spots, albeit at a cheap price, it makes sense to go in another direction. Thanks to JR, there is likely some more money in the coffers that Adelaide doesn't again have to go for a "Rite Price" import.

Lucas Walker is also out of contract. He battled hard and had some important games but also should be allowed to look for other opportunities.

That leaves Adelaide with....

GUARDS- Randle, Teys, Sobey
BIGS- Johnson, Petrie, Hodgson

My thinking is Adelaide needs a true big, a solid three point shooting guard who is an excellent defender and an athletic three. It's pretty hard to get a list of NBL free agents but I'd love to see Adelaide snare a legit "5" who can compete with the Jawai's, Khazzouh's and Ogilvy's and allow DJ to play more at the 4 (and not be exposed as a rim protector). Expect an import to fill this spot.

If Adelaide keeps Randle, he'll need to be paired with a big guard at the 2 who can take the opposition's best guard and can hit the three. Gibbo should have been able to play that role but prefers the ball in his hands and doesn't love being a volume shooter. Creek ticks all the boxes except for the "shooting threes" bit. A free agent needs to be found. With any luck Teys can get back to his best and Sobey can continue to develop, giving Adelaide a very strong backcourt.

Creek deserves a crack as the starting "3" but needs a complimentary backup who can shoot the ball well and run the floor. We all love Mitch but his shot is still too shaky to warrant playing 30-32 minutes a night. A Torrey Craig type would be ideal but the "5" spot must be our first priority for the import role.

Adelaide doesn't need much to go right to return to the playoffs next year. The coach and the core is there (assuming they can keep Randle). Two fit imports for Round 1 is critical and if Sobey and Hodgson continue to develop and Teys returns to 13/14 form, Adelaide will contend again.

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