Too Hot To Randle (Review: 36ers vs Taipans 22/10/15)

On the back of a great debut by point guard Jerome Randle, the 36ers tonight took down a solid Taipans unit 88-79.

Randle started on the bench but wasted no time when he entered the game late in the first, nailing a quick three. His first few moves were all reflected in his highlights tapes fans watched after hearing of his signing. Hesitation dribbles, quick changes in direction and a quick pull up. Randle scored 24 in 23 minutes and threw a few nice passes too.

Randle nailed 4 of Adelaide's 9 threes, the rest coming from Ere (2) and Peach, Gibbo and Creek. The team shot at 40% (9/22) and looked like a completely different unit to what we saw versus Melbourne. Randle compliments the team well, giving them a different look with his ability to create his own shots and get to the basket. He looks similar to Gary Ervin in many ways but is stronger from outside, not quite as good at getting to the hoop. His shooting is what the team needs though.

Gibbo had a big first quarter, playing aggressive but then easing back into playmaker mode when Randle got cooking. Peach (12pts,8reb) and DJ (13pts, 8reb) were Adelaide's other key players.

For Cairns, Cam Tragardh (16pts on 8/11 shooting), Cam Gliddon (13pts) and Markel Starks (15pts) were their best.

Adelaide next faces the Kings with Childress likely returning. Should be a cracker.

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