Bye Bye Kenyon

The Sixers formally announced yesterday that injured import Kenyon McNeail had been released due to ongoing problems with his shoulder. It's always sad to see someone let go who's travelled to the other side of the globe trying to earn a living but that's just how sport goes sometimes. In a few years he'll be the answer to a trivia question just like Jarrid Frye, Ron Howard and Eddie Shannon before him.

It's all but confirmed that his replacement will be 5'9 (not 5'11) guard Jerome Randle. Scouting reports talk about his speed, handle,  solid shooting from the line and range. He shot the three great in college but appears to have struggled more as a pro where the height thing obviously becomes an issue. After watching this mixtape though, I'm sold.


If he can shoot the ball at 40% from deep,  create for team mates, get to the line and push the tempo , the Sixers will look very different. He must come in confident and ready to play from day dot. The concern is how he'll defend and handle the, um, physicality of the NBL.

I'll go out on a limb and say he'll be a good one. Will it be enough though to make the Sixers legit title challengers? I still think Adelaide will need more from one or two players to truly challenge the competition elite.

Watch this though and you'll be a little more confident.

Turkish Highlights

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