Again, threes (Review Melbourne vs Adelaide 16/10/15)

It's a new season but Adelaide again is going to face trouble if it can't master the three-pointer.

Three games in, Adelaide is shooting the three at 35%, which isn't that bad. The issue is (Ebi and Kenyon you're excused from this next bit) it doesn't take enough of them.

Gibbo- 3/6
Teys- 2/3
DJ- 4/9
Creek- 1/1
Petrie- 1/2

Our imports though are struggling mightily. Ebi has hit 5/20, Kenyon 2/8 (of which 2/7 was last night).

As a team, the Sixers are averaging 18 attempts a game, hitting on 6.3. Not enough hits. Or misses, if you get my drift.

Sixers opponents average ten more attempts a game at 28, hitting 9.7. In other words, Adelaide basically gives the other team a nine point head start each game. In theory, Adelaide can hurt you inside but so far that only happened against a small New Zealand where Matt Hodgson and Johnson went to town. Hodgson has been a ghost since.

In Adelaide's only win of the season, it nailed 8 of 15 threes. The Breakers shot a terrible 6 of 30. Take out that game and Adelaide has hit 11 of 39 versus 23 of 54.

Can Adelaide fix this mid-season? Yes. Here's how.

1/ Gibson and DJ should both be taking at least five attempts a game.

2/ Kenyon hopefully comes good once/if his shoulder improves. Just try to black out his last two attempts last night. He can hit the three, my only concern though is from what I've seen (largely at The Blitz), he doesn't look like a guy who'll go on runs.

3/ More minutes for Teys. Battling for court time at the moment but is a premium perimeter defender and can hit at the other end. Walker and Sobey have shown flashes but neither has the basketball IQ of Teys.

4/ Peach also has shown range in his time at Adelaide. Needs to jack a few more up.

5/ At the other end, Adelaide needs to be smarter about who it lets take shots. Against Melbourne for example, leave Tomlinson and Holt  but perhaps pay closer attention to Kickert (6/9) and Goulding (3/8).

Adelaide gets a week now to prepare for Cairns and Sydney. Hopefully that does wonders for McNeail but Gibbo needs to assert himself far more and Joey needs to tweak the offense to find more threes for DJ, Peach and Teys.

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