Dr Adrian Hurley Podcast

Last week, I recorded a podcast with one of the legends of Australian basketball, Dr Adrian Hurley.

If you've not heard of him or know little about him, his Wikipedia page will bring you up to speed.

He has a new book coming out called "Hoop High" which is a 2 volume book covering Australian basketball at the Olympics from 1956-2000.

We had a great chat, discussing amongst other things.......

-The 1956 and 1964 teams

-His time as Head Coach at the '88 and '92 Olympics , including the "Dream Team"

-His time at Perth, including the '95 title and McDonald's championships.

-2000 Sydney Games

-What he's doing now

It's well worth a listen and if you love Aussie basketball, get in early to pre-order the book which is limited to 750 copies.

You can listen here  http://thirtysixreasons.podbean.com/  or by searching for "36Reasons" in the I-Tunes Store.

Why not catch previous episodes, including chats with Rob Rose, Luke Schenscher, Jarrid Frye and many more.

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