"The Loss We Had To Have" (Review: 36ers vs Breakers 26/2/15)

Breakers 111, Adelaide 82

The most optimistic Sixers fans figured Adelaide just had to get it's winning streak to 14 before they had to worry about a loss. Cautious fans thought tonight would be tough but Adelaide would still surely prevail. No-one was prepared for that.

So what went wrong? Where do we start

-Adelaide got jumped 16-2. Our defense was terrible and there was no urgency on offense. That changed after a Joey Wright bake, seeing Adelaide close the quarter with a 23-15 run but the boyse never had a sniff after that.

-It's plain and simple that if you give up 111 points your defense was "off". Adelaide couldn't find a winner. It's two solid bench defenders, Teys and Schensch, struggled.

-Adelaide rarely pushed the tempo outside Mitch Creek, who had a great first quarter, then faded.

-Motum clearly wasn't right and won't have much recovery time before Saturday.

Oh and New Zealand were really good. Ced Jax didn't shoot well but was great on D and made plenty of plays. Webster scored 24 in 28 minutes. Vukona sparked an early run, Abercrombie nailed three triples and the Breakers got some nice bench help, especially from Te Rangi, Pledger and Wesley.

Being back at home will help Adelaide but they'll need a lot to go right to stay alive. The following will be key.

-Creek and Jamar need to be super aggressive and attack the rim. Sixers must push the ball at every chance.

-If Motum is limited, DJ and Peach need to play a lot better and spread the floor.

-Wright rarely went big and should use a bigger backcourt at times with a Peach/Motum/DJ or Schensch lineup

-Can't let the Breakers get easy shots. Must play Webster and Abercrombie much tighter.

Adelaide would have found the intensity five times higher than their last game against the Hawks. The Breakers had a much better prep too, playing the Taipans at home and then getting 4 days rest while Adelaide ended up staying in Wollongong and then flying over to Auckland.

It should be on like Donkey Kong Saturday night. Adelaide must get back to controlling the tempo and playing it's best D. 

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