Team Twitter Accounts Review

The ability to not only stay relevant but to be heard in the current Australian sporting world is one of the biggest issues facing the NBL and it's teams. Every team faces challenges getting people through the gates and engaged regularly during the season. A strong social media presence is vital. We decided to review every team's Twitter feed and provide some feedback.

*Do the teams and the league a favour and follow all of them!

ADELAIDE ( @Adelaide36ers). 8,812 followers. 6,094 tweets.
There's been a big lift in the performance of the 36ers feed over the last few months, with some new ideas such as use of images, training and behind the scenes footage etc. More jokes too. There's ticket sales, auctions, team promotions. Rarely a day passes without a tweet. One of the better ones out there.

CAIRNS ( @CairnsTaipans).  3,073 followers, 4,309 tweets.
A well run feed. Plenty of links to local news stories,articles and well linked to community events. Sure they'd love a few more followers (lowest of all NBL teams)!

MELBOURNE ( @MelbUnitedHQ )   8,065 followers. 10.2k tweets.
Stacks of videos, promotion, news. A really good account that makes it looks like the club to follow. Great number of followers and tweets considering how long the club has existed. Shame they're sitting in 5th! Loses points for #WeAreMelbourne. I really don't know what that means. A club technically in it's first year in the league likely to miss finals despite having perhaps the most loaded roster doesn't exactly scream identity.

NEW ZEALAND (@NZBreakers )  14,300 followers. 4503 tweets.
Predominantly active on game night with not a heap of activity during the week. Huge number of followers, trailing only Perth. Don't rely on social media as much as others with free to air coverage locally and most games seeing big crowds. Plus their team is really good.

PERTH ( @PerthWildcats )  16,700 followers. 14,300 tweets.
The most followers, the most tweets. Hardly a shock for the best managed team in the league. Excellent game promotion, in game updates, stats, news. The benchmark.

SYDNEY (@SydneyKings) 9,754 followers, 7,804 tweets
If only the team was as good as.....Ok, that's harsh. A good feed with plenty of promotion, links to stories etc. Another user of #WeAre...... which annoys me but they get some grace seeing their team disappeared for a few years. Nice score update images after each quarter in games.

TOWNSVILLE ( @TsvCrocs ) 4,364 followers. 10,000 tweets.
Winning the FNQ twitter war with 1000 more followers and a lot more tweets. Not as good on the court though unfortunately. A good site with plenty of activity including videos, stories etc. I like #GoCrocsGo, not #WeBleedGreen, which doesn't make sense.

WOLLONGONG ( @wollongonghawks )   5,297 followers. 9,137 tweets.
Lots of in-game tweets and retweets, could use more mid-week activity. Good number of followers and lots of tweets.

Here's my Top 4 NBL Team Twitter Feeds


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