Semi-Finals Preview: 36ers vs Breakers

Tomorrow night, the NBL playoffs commence with a ripping clash between the Breakers and Sixers. New Zealand go in favourites simply because of the home court advantage. They've had a more consistent team over the season but Adelaide is the league's form team, on a ten game winning streak. So who wins the series?


The Sixers will throw everything into tomorrow night's game and should simply have too many weapons. Here's how they'll do it.

1/ Stretch The Floor
Motum have a sneak peak in the Perth game but expect him to "pop outside" regularly versus New Zealand. Dragging Ibekwe and Pledger away from the rim helps open things up for Wilson and Creek. Plus hitting threes is good. DJ may also try to do the same, although surprisingly he's only taken two outside attempts in his seven games.

2/ Stop C-Web
If Webster hadn't been in such foul trouble last time, the Breakers may well have won. Wilson will spend most of the time guarding him and must be in his grill, especially early.

3/ Guard the perimeter
Adelaide should play a little zone to try to keep New Zealand on their toes. The Breakers have quiet a few dangerous shooters and Adelaide can't let anyone get going.

4/ Run
Adelaide's tempo was really good last weekend, hitting 100 in both games. The Breakers don't want the game at that pace. The depth of Adelaide's bench allows them to comfortably run guys in bursts and wear the opposition down.

The matchups should be great, here's some of the ones to watch.

Mitch had a great weekend last weekend and will be key in this one. Must attack the basket on offense and play up close to Abercrombie at the other end, taking away his outside shot and not allowing him to be on the end of some ally oops.

With Adelaide's offense running so well at the moment, expect Gibbo to put most of his efforts into stopping Ced Jax. If Gibbo can take away the lob passes and threes, Adelaide is halfway home.

Corey is an absolute game breaker and Jamar will need to be locked in for every minute he's on the Breakers budding star. Mayor Wilson is in pretty good form himself though and if he can attack the rim early and get C-Web in foul trouble, he'll win the matchup.

Expect Motum to step outside regularly early on offense. On D he'll find Ibekwe a handful and will need to hit the boards hard and not give him any space.

It should be a great game but I'm picking Adelaide to go 1-0 up.

Tip: Adelaide by 6

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