Mayor Wilson Strikes Again! (Review: 36ers vs Crocs 1/2/15)

Adelaide 84, Townsville 77

Some impressive outside shooting by Jamar Wilson, capped by a putback by Anthony Petrie saw Adelaide hold off Townsville 84-77 in Adelaide yesterday.

With 25 seconds left and holding a slim 80-77 lead, Peach retrieved a Jamar Wilson miss and gently shot the ball off the glass to give Adelaide a buffer after almost blowing it down the stretch. With 2:43 left, the Sixers lead 80-71 but Steindl, Holmes and Norton scored on the next 3 possessions to give Adelaide a fright. The game never should have been so close.

Adelaide came out strong to start the game, getting to a 10-2 lead in less than 2 minutes of game time. After a Petrie dunk near the halfway mark of the quarter, it was still Adelaide 18-9 before the Crocs went on an 8-0 run. That probably had something to do with Wright subbing out the team's three best to that point in Creek, Gibbo and Peach although the incoming DJ, Teys and Schensch are hardly slouches. Adelaide held a 20-19 going into the second quarter.

The Sixers started the second quarter strongly again, aggressive on defence and looking to attack. The crowd was on it's feet when Jamar Wilson got out in the open court with DJ and Creek trailing. A big dunk was there for the taking. Wilson inexplicably decided to ignore his trailing bigs though and went for glory, pulling off a nice little dunk but leaving the fans wondering "why?". Not the first time his court vision has been questioned. The Sixers were threatening to blow the game apart but the hard work of import Brian Conklin and sweet shooting of Steve Markovic kept the Crocs well and truly alive, trailing only 46-39 at the half.

It was an arm wrestle from there, with both teams scoring 38 in the last half. The physicality and agro kept bubbling away, with Peach getting into it with J-Ho and Motum and Conklin squaring off. The intensity troubled Adelaide the most, with the team being out rebounded and struggling to take it inside due to the presence of Gladness. Wilson couldn't find any gaps at all and so resorted to more outside shooting and he came through, shooting 9/16 including 2/6 threes.

Adelaide will be happy just to get the win but not thrilled about it's offensive lapses down the stretch and ability to make stops. It's starters were all good but only Teys made a decent contribution off the bench. DJ and Schensch struggled badly and looked well out of their comfort zone against Gladness in particular. Crawf's role has been greatly reduced since DJ has arrived, making the bench pretty one dimensional.

Gladness, Conklin and Markovic were the Croc's best. They are a good team but desperately in need of another scoring wing player.

Next up for Adelaide are the depleted Kings at home Friday night. This could be the blowout we've been waiting for. 

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