Adelaide Do The Unpossible! (Review: 36ers vs Wildcats 20/2/15)

Adelaide 101, Perth 94

Performing your own open heart surgery, finding Nanna's berries at your local supermarket or understanding the Australian cricket team selector's love of Shane Watson are all probably easier than scoring 100 against the Wildcats but your 36ers did just that tonight, taking down the Cats again in an epic battle at AA.

It was struggletown for Adelaide in the first quarter. The team got smashed on the boards, couldn't get the bigs going and were defending the pick and roll about as poorly as you can. It was not looking good but a 9-0 run over the last 2:23 saw Adelaide get it to 19-20 at the end of the first.

The second quarter was much more free flowing but Perth again outscored Adelaide, putting up 31 to Adelaide's 29. While Adelaide's D cut out the easy stuff, Perth got hot from outside, nailing 6 threes for the quarter. Adelaide got two triples on a nice little cameo from PC but outside of that Mayor Wilson did the bulk of the work. He attacked relentlessly and scored 13 for the period, including 5 from the line.It was Perth 51-48 at the half.

The Sixers took it up a notch in the third, noticeably outworking their opponents for loose balls and rebounds. It was inspiring stuff. Mitch Creek sparked the team with some seemingly impossible rebounds and attempts to keep the ball alive. His hard work sparked the team and he was rewarded with some nice passes to finish two big dunks. DJ (I hope you're sitting down) was also aggressive, attacking the boards, challenging shots and taking Redhage to school in the post. It was Adelaide 70-67 at the end of the third.

Then Brock Motum happened.

The Sixers star recruit nailed 4 threes in the fourth and was well supported by Mayor Wilson, who scored 10 for the period (6 from the line). He finished with 6 threes  in a game-saving effort after a quiet first half. Mayor Wilson was also excellent, continually attacking despite being heavily guarded by D-Mart and then having plenty of pressure once at the rim.

Mitch Creek had one of his best for Adelaide. It wasn't pretty but he defended hard and did so many little things that kept Adelaide alive until it's two key scorers stepped it up.

Adelaide's streak continues and it doesn't look like slowing down...as long as that Motum injury isn't serious. He appeared to tweak an ankle late in the game but was mobile so hopefully is ok for next week. Might sit out Sunday's game though. DJ has been a big in and the team hasn't lost since he rejoined the club. Wilson is in great form and the bench is playing great.

Perth were good and got solid games from Beal, Redhage and Knight. It will need Deandre Daniels playing a lot better though if they're any chance of repeating.

Next up for Adelaide is Wollongong on Sunday. They just need to win to hold down third, meaning they play the Breakers in the semis. 

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