7 Thoughts After Adelaide's Win (Review: 36ers vs Breakers 12/2/15)

Adelaide 93, New Zealand 88

Finally got around to watching the replay of Adelaide's big win over New Zealand tonight. Here's 7 quick thoughts.

1/ C Web had 26 in 26 minutes. Conclusion: it's good he got in foul trouble.

2/ DJ has improved noticeably at both ends. Just got to get rid of a couple of bad habits to take his game to the elite level. Improved as a shot blocker, shame he was robbed of a good one last night.

3/ Ced Jax had another triple double. Only downer was the 4/18 shooting.

4/ Adelaide's four bigs are going to prove impossible for teams to guard come the playoffs. Just way too many options to throw out there.

5/ Mayor Wilson was massive again, often scoring in head-scratching ways. He'll face off off the best three defensive guards in the league in the playoffs (exc Gibbo) and we'll need him doing more of the same.

6/ The Breakers bench looked pretty thin last night. If Carter isn't firing and Wesley can't get it done down low it just looks a game breaker short.

7/ Adelaide's free throw shooting has improved noticeably during the win streak, especially down the stretch. Pretty important part of your game to have right in the playoffs.

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