Thanks For The Memories, NSW (Review: 36ers vs Sydney 25/1/15)

Adelaide 105, Sydney 86

The Sixers made it a 2-0 weekend in NSW yesterday when they gave the Kings a lesson, winning 105-86. 

It was a beat down.

In the first quarter it looked to be a fairly even match, with Adelaide leading 31-24. The problem for Sydney was that Mayor Wilson played a large part in getting Kings guards Kendrick Perry and Jason Cadee in foul trouble. The Kings bench was shallow enough as it was, with recently acquired Nick Horvath having to leave the team due to work commitments, leaving it with a bench of Cadee, Cody Ellis, Kevin White and Daniel Joyce. Yeah.

Sydney managed to keep it close in the second and were down 46-51 with under 2 minutes left. Adelaide went 7-0 to close the half though and a 58-46 lead looked to be too much for Sydney unless Josh Childress pulled out another superhuman effort.

It never came.

Childress was invisible for most of the third and eventually left the game with a shoulder injury late in the period after a hard foul on Mitch Creek. At that point though Adelaide led 83-55, meaning they'd outscored the Kings 25-9 during the quarter. Adelaide just had too many weapons, getting good contributions from all eight guys who'd played to that point. Wilson, Teys and Creek had all had nice purple patches and Motum was a constant through the whole game.

Sydney won the fourth 30-21 thanks to some good shooting from Kevin White.....and Adelaide resting it's starts.

The win capped a super weekend for Adelaide, one of the most positive in it's recent history. It took down two teams who it's performed poorly against recently on the road, integrated DJ seamlessly into the lineup and now looks to all of a sudden to be the most dangerous team in the league. Perth is battling, United is up and down and the Breakers just got dismantled by this same Kings outfit (with Horvath).

Adelaide should only get better...but it's looking pretty good now.

GM Dean Parker and Joey Wright must get a lot of credit for dealing with a potential fall from runner-up in 2013/2014 to missing a playoffs spot. Upgrading from Montreal to Motum was a gutsy call that has paid off well and recovering from the BJ loss to regain DJ (which was always a chance thanks to some points saving) was a masterstroke.

The house should be packed Sunday.

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