Mayor Wilson! (Review: 36ers vs United 10/1/15)

Adelaide 91, Melbourne 89

A huge 4th quarter by Jamar Wilson saw Adelaide pull out an unlikely victory tonight, storming home with a 27-13 quarter to beat United 91-89.

Wilson was simply awesome. After a poor first half, J Dubs stepped up when it mattered, tallying 15 points and 6 boards in the fourth. He worked hard on defense, showed off some off his passing skills and was clutch at the line, nailing 6 of 7 in the clutch. It could have very easily been a loss with Mark Worthington nailing a massive three to tie the scores at 90-90 with under 10 seconds left, only to have it reviewed and scaled back to a 2. McRae also had time to send the game to overtime but pulled up for a long, rushed three that missed.

Adelaide opened the game strong, largely behind key big man Brock Motum. An 11-9 lead though was soon evaporated, Melbourne going on a nice run before Adelaide clawed back and tied it up 26-26 at quarter time.

United owned the second, outscoring Adelaide 24-16 to have a nice buffer at the half. Adelaide relied on individuals, Wilson scoring the first 4 points of the period, Peach the next 8 and Creek the last 4. 

The Sixers were better in the third but again couldn't slow Melbourne. United was well on the way to 100 and that would mean an Adelaide loss. Motum, who scored 11 in the first quarter and 0 in the second, came alive again and got some help from Creek, who made some key buckets, including a long overdue 3. United were better though, getting seven players on the scoresheet in the third, with Barlow nailing two important threes and 10th man Chris Patton scoring 5.

The fourth we know all about.

Adelaide keeps it's slim playoff chances alive and now fans will be keen to see who the team looks to bring in. Hopefully it's DQ. Hopefully it's not Richie Edwards. With the shorter rotation tonight, all starters played 25+ minutes and all were excellent, Gibbo the exception. His shot (2/8) continues to desert him. Thankfully he's so good at the other end.

Next up is Perth in Perth. That's a true test, although the 'Cats have suffered some bad luck also of late and will likely be missing Ross and Knight.

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