BJ Options

He may only average 5 points and 4 boards a game but BJ Anthony has been a big contributor for Adelaide this year.

He helped get Adelaide over the line against Melbourne United a few weeks back and kept Adelaide in the game Sunday against New Zealand. Outside of Schensch, he's Adelaide's only other front court option. He'll be hard to replace.

Let's look at factors Adelaide needs to consider and some possible options.

The club probably can't afford to make a splash on a big name and would find that hard with the salary and points caps anyway. If the club really wants to save $ it simply won't replace him and just upgrade Atem or Johns.

Management needs to consider if finals are realistic. With BJ out, Creek struggling and several others players not 100%, now might be the time to manage players and put some minutes into Daly/Johns/Atem.

Now let's look at player options.

He's affordable and fits into the points allowance. Makes the most sense. His numbers were actually pretty good, shooting at 50% and averaging just under 10 points in less than 20 minutes a game. Has a post game, albeit it fairly inferior to BJ's but a better mid-range shooter. Has three point range but only shot at 31% for Adelaide. If given a chance he'd be under no pressure and would get plenty of bench minutes. A good option.

Scored all 5 of his Sixer points in his last game. Doesn't look to have the games for this level from what we've seen and makes more sense to give Atem or Johns a spot if the team goes for a swingman type.

Impressed in the preseason and looks the most NBL ready of the development players.

Bigger (6"7) but still pretty raw. Best to stay on as a DP.

Small guard who does have decent range. Sixers don't need another small guard though.

Currently in Finland after failing to land a spot with the New York Knicks affiliate team in the D-League. I always liked him....but Sixers don't have the points. Can't happen.

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