What's up, Brock?

It's fair to say not even the most negative 36ers fan would have guessed Adelaide would go 1-9 after replacing Daequon Montreal with NBA-fringe guy Brock Motum.

Motum had a sensational debut (28pts, 6 reb) against the Kings. Adelaide lost, but most put it down to the fact Childress played out of his head, the team was missing Jamar Wilson and Mitch Creek and trying to deal with yet another new face.

Motum has all the tools but so far it hasn't worked. The question is why?

Motum is a pretty flexible player with the ability to play inside or outside and offense and guard smalls to bigs.

It feels like he's not scoring but his numbers are pretty solid. He's shooting 50% from the field and 39% from deep, making him second on the team with 14.6pts a game. Brock has shown he can set screens, get good inside position, play the pick and roll well and be effective in the full court press. At times.

Turnovers. He's averaging 3.2 a game and makes some pretty "ambitious" passes at times. His rebounding numbers feel a little low (5.8 per game,second best on the team) and the team needs him to be stronger on the boards considering how often he's out there as the 4/5 with Peach and BJ.

For a guy with his passing skills, 4 assists (04) is criminal.

Like most of the team, he's had some bad nights at the free throw line. Considering his status and reputation, the team would clearly benefit too if he was a little more "encouraging", displayed better body language and passion and provided more leadership.

Motum has been in a pretty rough slump of late (8.7pts, 4.7reb over the last 3 games), struggling to deal with foul trouble, spasmodic minutes and jumping between starting and coming off the bench.

The team doesn't need him to be a 25 point a game scorer, it just needs him to hit some threes, anchor the back of the pressure defense set good screens and crash the boards hard.

MOTUM- By the numbers

B. Motum 9 25.07 50 39 63 5.8 0.4 3.2 0.7 0.3 3.0 14.6 11.6

Total =/-: -46
Avg +/-:  -5.11

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