Now It's Getting Serious (Review: 36ers vs Taipans 6/12/15)

Cairns 85, Adelaide 80
*This photo not from this game, though might as well have been

The pressure is going to go up another notch in Naptown this week with Adelaide putting in another patchy performance, losing to Cairns 85-80. The team had moments, most notably in the third quarter but you can't win this year with such patchy defense and no outside shooting.

In this game.....

-Joey got tossed late in the fourth after mounting frustration over some of the officiating
-Brock Motum again came off the bench and only got 18 minutes
-Torrey Craig had another "career night" against Adelaide

Offensively, the team was more aggressive, it's just that shots weren't dropping. Gibbo was 2/11 and Motum 3/9. It's defense was very good in the third when it contained Cairns to 13 but it gave up 24 in every other quarter.

Credit to cairns who played much more consistently. It got plenty out of it's imports, Gliddon and Trigger, enough to cover poor games from Loughton and Weigh.

Next up for Adelaide is Melbourne at home, who we lost to by 39 in the corresponding game a few weeks back, followed by Perth in Perth. Great.

The team has lost a lot of confidence and it's hard to see what Wright can do to salvage the season. 

Further roster changes seem unlikely. Motum looks to be in the doghouse and doesn't look to happy or focused out there. Wilson is putting up numbers but the team isn't winning.Outside of a major starting five shakeup and reduced rotations (Wright is regularly getting 9 guys into the game within 7-8 minutes) there's not much else to do. The talent is there but it's just not meshing. 

I was asked today for the the numbers on Wilson in and out of the lineup. Here they are (excluding tonight's game).

Wilson in the lineup: -55
Wilson out of the lineup: -6

That equates to about 5.5 points a game better off with him on the bench. That might not make a lot of sense with him being the team's leading scorer but Creek and Teys bring more defensively and shoot at a better clip. Wilson has done fine with those two out there with him for the 1-3 spots...but Gibson has done a little better.

Most would agree the talent is there, it just needs to be restructured. Wilson to the bench as a 6th man makes the most sense to me.

Time to try something.

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