Back To Earth (Review: 36ers vs Wildcats 14/12/14)

Perth 97, Adelaide 76

Adelaide's generous defense, poor rebounding and lack of bench help bit it in the backside again as they went down to a spirited Perth team in Perth yesterday.

Having spent a lot of time watching Melbourne falling apart Friday night, whether it be Melbourne's forced starting lineup, the mental collapse of Jordy McRae, knucklehead play from some of it's leaders or coaching confusion, it was clear Melbourne stunk. There were some good signs for Adelaide- it was just hard to tell how much of it was related to Melbourne. Now we know.

Gibbo's shot continues to desert him at the absolute worst time. 

Creek and Teys continue to be completely different players on the road. They COMBINED for 3 points and 3 rebounds yesterday in 34 minutes of play. 

Motum is a shadow of the player we saw in his debut, struggling to find a role and any confidence. 

Jamar Wilson was the sole bright spot, nailing 4 threes and carrying Adelaide's offense during a 3rd quarter comeback.

Matt Knight was excellent at both ends, finishing with 16 points and 16 rebounds. Drake U'u nailed 20, including 5/5 from three point range. Adelaide did well to hold Redhage, Beal and Martin to 16 points total but that was all for nothing when U'u goes off for 20. That's especially painful when he realise U'u hasn't totalled 20 points over his last 10 games and it's double his season-high. Detail fellas!

Next up is Cairns, who've already beaten Adelaide twice this year, including at home. It's going to be a very tough ask and expect some form of change if Adelaide loses, making it 1 win and 9 losses from the last 10.

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