More threes, please!

Late last year I wrote this article about Adelaide's inner struggle with three-pointers. It doesn't shoot many of them and gives a lot up.

Saturday was no different, with United setting a 40minute game NBL record with 22 triples. Under Wright, Adelaide has been seemingly happy to let teams try to beat it from the perimeter. Often it works- but not against elite teams (see Wildcats, Perth).

Perth will show up to Adelaide Arena Friday with the three-point shot in mind.  The Sixers need to defend the three ball much better to win- but I'd also like to see them take some more.

Adelaide is averaging a league-low 16.14 three point attempts a game. That's about one and a half attempts less than the next closest opponent in Sydney. Every other team takes 20+ a game with Melbourne leading the league with 28.5 attempts a game.

The Sixers do have some of the premier post players in the league but it must keep teams honest with some perimeter play. It's not like Adelaide doesn't have shooters. The team is shooting the three at 39%, equal second with, ironically, Melbourne. The team boasts five players currently shooting 38% or better.

Creek- 57%
Daly- 50%
Gibson- 48%
Crawford- 44%
Teys- 38%

Unfortunately Creek is out injured and Crawford and Daly only get spot minutes.  Gibson and Teys have shown an ability to get to the basket in the last few games and taking some extra threes will only open up the floor more for them. Wright probably needs to give Crawford more minutes and a Rhys Carter-like green light.

The league ladder seems to prove three-pointers are pretty important to get right.

Third lowest in attempts this year but shooting at 36%. Deandre Daniels really hurting those numbers. Luckily they are the best defensive team in Australia.

Fourth most attempts but shooting at a horrible 32%. Their imports are both pretty poor from range. A team that does live or die by the three. Second best defensive team so far this season.

Taken the fourth most threes and shooting at an excellent 41%. Third best defensive team in the land.

Take the most a game and shoot it at 39% (and yes, Adelaide helped beef up those numbers). Allow the fourth lowest ppg.

Read above

Second least attempts per game but for good reason- shooting the three at 30%.

Taken the third most threes and shooting at 37%. Steindl and Markovic the only players shooting decent numbers which helps as they've taken 43% of the attempts)

Have taken the second most attempts but shooting at a league worst 29%. Broken team that needs fixing. Imports have hit 18/71  (25%)

So that list seems to show the bottom four are all having three-point issues....and are bad defensive teams. Three of the top four are very good three shooting teams and have at least one import guard who's having success from range. Cairns are hanging on because of their defence (giving up second lowest ppg of 77.25).

The bottom four are giving up the most ppg with Adelaide allowing a league worst 95 points a game, over seven ppg more than the next worst Crocs at 86.88.

Clearly Adelaide needs to turn up the D, defend the three a lot better and not be so bashful at the other end.

**All shooting data compiled for crunchtimeshots.com  

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