Getting There (Review: 36ers vs United 27/11/14)

Our game review of yesterday's 36ers/United clash won't be to the same high standard as our readers expect for the following reasons...

-I tuned it at 7pm, expecting the game to just be starting. Nope it was already 3 minutes into the second quarter.

-I've been waiting all day for NBL.TV to upload the video but it's still not live.

So I'm going to skip a full review of this game and make some general comments.

-Adelaide started a pretty small 5 of Wilson/Gibson/Teys/Petrie/Motum. That lineup gave up a 19-13 lead. I'm hopeful Creek will start once he has a few games under his belt. Mitch in for Wilson appears the best bet for me as a second unit with Wilson and Schenscher will cause teams plenty of problems. Wilson there as a key scorer, Schensch to anchor the defense. Gibbo, Teys and Creek gives Adelaide three different offensive players who are all elite defenders.

-Melbourne hit 12 threes to Adelaide's 8. Much closer and kept the Sixers in the game.

-Adelaide managed to contain Wortho again, largely through foul trouble. Averaging 6pts over the 2 matchups this season.

-Motum is still finding his feet. A poor first half but came home strong. Needs to be more careful with the ball and a little more selective about some of his inside moves.

-Adelaide was just 11/18 from the line. That hurt us again, especially in a game decided by three points.

Sydney is next up and if Adelaide doesn't win , you have our permission to press the nearest one of these.

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