DQ'S Final Numbers

It's always rough when you see someone lose their job. More so when they seem like a really good person.

Daequon Montreal was always coming into the NBL with plenty to prove. The Sixers last experience with bringing up someone from the SEABL, CJ Massingale, ended badly. CJ had struggled and when he finally started to find some rhythm he was cut for the infamous Scott Christopherson.

DQ struggled in the season opener against Cairns and there was some early panic when Adelaide fans realised how strong the competition was. On opening night they saw first hand when they saw that Cairns outfit (still undefeated) and the Wildcats and Breakers in the late game that same night. The imports for the winners (Wilbekin, Craig, Ibekwe, Ced Jax) all looked really good. While DQ had some inside moves and range on his shot, his size was clearly going to be an issue.

An unfortunate series of events for DQ then unfolded which made his future very uncertain.

1) NBA Cuts. When NBA rosters were trimmed for opening night, two Aussies were suddenly available- Joe Ingles and Brock Motum.

2) Injuries To Key Sixers. Mitch Creek and then Jamar Wilson got injured, taking away any ability for the Sixers to be patient.

3) His injury. DQ himself was dealing with a hip issue which didn't give him his best chance to compete.

So DQ leaves the Sixers with his head held higher than a lot of previously cut imports and a game that should attract some suitors at some stage.

Here's his final numbers.

17.43 MPG
50% FG
31% 3PT
57% FT
3.8 REB
0.8 AST
1.8 TO
0.4 STL
0.6 BLK
2.6 PF
9.6 PTS


22 PTS
8.7 REB
1.8 AST
4.1 TO
0.9 STL
1.4 BLK
6.0 PF

+/-:  -3

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