Brock Party (Review: 36ers vs Kings 9/11/14)

Brock Motum had a debut to remember today but he won't be celebrating, Adelaide going down 107-100 to an energised Sydney Kings.

Adelaide won the boards 47-33 and nailed 10 triples to Sydney's eight. Normally on that alone you'd guess Adelaide won. If I told you Gibbo scored 30 and Motum debuted with 28 you'd probably have asked how much the Sixers won by. There were plenty of positives but Adelaide went down for the following reasons.

1/ Josh Childress. The Kings star import had a blinder, tallying 36 points, 19 boards, 7 assists and 5 blocks. He was simply awesome. It was clear pre-game Adelaide didn't have an ideal matchup for him. Turns out they had no one who could do anything.

2/ Ben Madgen. He scored 26, including 5 triples and constantly kept Adelaide second guessing how to guard him.

3/ Adelaide had 15 turnovers, with Gibbo and Motum combining for 9 of them. Adelaide got pretty predictable on offense and these guys forced a few too many passes to each other.

4/ The Kings had 6 steals and 11 blocks. Adelaide had 1 and 4.

5/ Adelaide's defence. The Sixers struggled to get back in transition and gave Sydney a few too many good looks (Sydney shot 50% from the field).

Joey Wright won't be too troubled though. He'll be thrilled with Gibbo's form and Motum's debut and knowing he's missing two of his best players in Wilson and Creek. Jamar will be back Saturday and Creek likely early December. Wilson will give Adelaide another avenue to the basket and another player who thrives when attacking the rim. Motum had 23 field goal attempts with a few "wishful" shots in there. Petrie shot 5/15, Teys 3/11. Schenscher had limited opportunities from the first quarter.

By Christmas Adelaide will likely start Gibson/Teys/Creek/Petrie/Motum with a bench containing Schenscher/Wilson/Crawford/Anthony/Daly. And we will never speak of Richie Edwards again.

Hang tight Adelaide, this is a team that needs time to gel but rest assured they've got a much more legitimate team now than the one that opened the season.

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