A "Blackout" indeed (Review: 36ers vs United 15/11/14)

Melbourne 118, Adelaide 79

Well, we were promised a black out. And whether is was lights, coaches, umpires,  uniforms or players, we certainly got our fair share of black outs.

You didn't need the stats to back up what we saw but according to @nblfacts , United's 22 triples were the most in NBL history for a 40 minute game and the 39 point margin was Adelaide's worst ever home defeat.
On top of that, Melbourne shot 56% from the field and 62% on threes. Jordan McRae shot 10/11 (3/3 on threes). Daniel Kickert shot 9/14 (4/6 on threes). David Barlow was 6/10 (5/7 on threes). Daryl Corletto came off the bench and scored 15 points in 14 minutes , shooting 5/8 (4/5 threes). Melbourne had 12 steals and 5 blocks. They simply destroyed a limp Adelaide outfit.

The game started ominously with Melbourne jumping Adelaide for a 19-2 lead. That never happens in Adelaide (well at least PM- "Post Marty"). Adelaide's offense was spluttering while the visitors were continually given wide open looks. I'm not sure what Joey Wright's game plan was but it seemed to involve allowing uncontested threes. There was a real lack of intensity from Adelaide and a total lack of creativity from the coach. Joey's a great coach but he had a shocker. Every United player except seldom used backup big man Chris Patton hit a three. Wright continued to persist with occasional pressing but Melbourne had some great press breaking plays that resulted in easy baskets (yep, even easier than the open threes). His substitution patterns were off too, most notably with Peter Crawford and Jamar Wilson not hitting the court in the second quarter. He also inexplicably had Gibson, Motum and Petrie out there for most of the fourth with Adelaide trailing by 40. Gibson appeared to slightly tweak a hamstring during the dying minutes. Hopefully it's nothing.

The difference between the teams largely came down to the perimeter, with Melbourne nailing 16 more triples than Adelaide but the Sixers 19/35 effort from the free throw line was also deflating. Schenscher (1/6) and Motum (5/11) wasted some decent efforts inside by letting themselves down at the line.

It was a bad night for Adelaide but there's going to be some growing pains as the team gets  used to fitting new players in, as well as working back injured players (Jamar tonight, Mitch in a few weeks). Motum gives them such a different look and the team is working out how much of the offense needs to come from the guards and how much from the post. Not much will come from the perimeter. Adelaide has the tools to field a very good defensive lineup but tonight it suffered from some slow reactions on switches and a poor defensive game plan. Trust Joey to work on that for next time.

Motum, Gibson and Teys were Adelaide's best while Melbourne got something from everyone, McRae and Kickert the standouts.

Next up- Perth......Actually Joey better work on that perimeter and transition defense real quick.


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