We're less than 24 hours away from the 36ers season opener against Cairns. Sadly, I won't be there due to a long-ago planned holiday.

As discussed on our recent podcast, I'm tipping the Sixers will be right around that 4th spot. Perth, Sydney and Melbourne should be locks for the Top 3 spots if they stay healthy and are well coached. We know Adelaide will be well coached, it will just come down to how well the team gels and fares without a "super-duper star".

Hear more on the podcast!

Speaking of our podcast, we're planning on making more of them this year as we work on our multimedia platforms. There will be less of our least read articles- game previews. Frankly, in an 8 team league with oddly spaced games, there were too many times I had to preview games where the Sixers were facing a team they'd played a week or two ago. Fair to say I sometimes struggled for inspiration and great/any insight. The reviews will keep on coming but you might have to wait until the next morning after some of those Friday and Saturday games.

We'll be more present on social media during the week, develop our stats and try to get more guest articles and feature pieces. The Sixers will continue to take up most of the words but we'll likely venture into pieces on other players and teams as we've got a pretty exciting group of imports and returning Aussies in the league this year. The frequency of articles might pull back but hopefully there will be more quality.

Thanks for your support and please continue to share our blog with your friends.

Go Sixers!


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