Brock, Richie, Joe and more

There's been player names flying around the 36ers all week. It's about time we covered them!

Adelaide added the 24yr old Kiwi to their roster this week to cover the injury suffered by Mitch Creek, who'll miss around 6 weeks. I couldn't find any video of him...but his Wikipedia page gives you some background. He'll likely get minutes behind Teys and Crawford but he'll get a crack at some point. Let's hope he does well.

I became a big fan of Motum's during the World Cup warm ups. He's tough, gets in the right spots, plays hard and is the definition of "team guy". I'd never been so disappointed in my Utah Jazz (except for the last 5 years) when they cut him right before the NBA season commenced. He's apparently been contacted by a bunch of NBL clubs keen for his services. It would be great to see him in the NBL, doubly so if it's with Adelaide.

Motum's bad news lead to some good news for Joe Ingles when he got a lifeline from the Jazz. All is forgiven Utah! "Jingles" name also got thrown around with the Sixers when he got cut by the Clippers but it's great to see Joe getting a decent crack at the NBA.

That leaves Adelaide with the following lineup for Sunday's clash with the Breakers (which I'll again miss!)


Those first five will likely start. It will give Adelaide a pretty different look and it will be good to see what PC can do with extended minutes.

All eyes will be on DQ though, who'll need a breakout game with some big names swirling around the club. He needs to fire soon and with Creek, Adelaide's best through the first three games, injured, there's little room for patience.

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