Boomers Review: Pt 1

We're 3 games into the Boomers 2014 World Championship Campaign, so let's take a look at how each player has fared.

ARON BAYNES (16pts, 7.7 reb)
Baynes has been excellent in every game and showed what to expect with a 21 point, 7 rebound haul versus Slovenia. On offense he's been a focal point for the team and has been pretty good on defense. Showed some worrying signs mentally against Lithuania but expect him to bounce back strongly versus Mexico. Has been so good the team hasn't missed Bogut as much as they might have expected.

Grade: A-

DAVID ANDERSEN (8.7pts, 5.7 reb)
Has taken the second most shot attempts but has shot poorly at just 29%. Third on the team for minutes played and perhaps played on a little too long during important stretches. Calming influence on the team and provides key leadership.

Grade: B-

JOE INGLES (15.7pts, 3 assists)
Simply outstanding. Shooting the rock at 70% (including 63% from range) as he shows off his arsenal of inside and outside moves. Has been excellent on defense too, averaging 2.3 steals a game. Continues to elevate his game at international level. Leading the team in minutes and +/-.

Grade: A+

RYAN BROEKHOFF (8.7pts, 2.3 reb)
Is there to shoot the ball and play solid defense and has done both very well. Shooting the ball at 57% and 62% on threes (13 of his 14 shots have been from long distance). Equal third for the team in points per game, equal seconds for steals per game and second in +/-. A real find.

Grade: B+

Has led the team pretty well but hasn't shot the ball well (33%) and is averaging 3.3 turnovers a game. Would like to see more floaters and shots close to the basket where he can be damaging.

Grade: B-

DANTE EXUM (1.3pts, 1.7 ast)
Has hit 2 of 8 shots and is struggling to find any rhythm at both ends. Needs to be more disciplined on defense and use his explosion on offense. Second guessing himself a lot but he's just a pup.

Grade: C-

BRAD NEWLEY (8.3pts, 3 reb)
Has been solid and efficient with some good moments in each game at both ends. Playing his role.

Grade: B

BROCK MOTUM (7.3pts, 2.3 reb)
Made some bad errors against Lithuania but was important in the team's first two games, allowing the team to play small with him anchoring the 5 spot. Lots of upside and expect him to repay the faith tonight.

Grade: B

CAM BAIRSTOW (5pts, 1.3 reb)
Very good against Korea but has only got limited time in the other games. Likely will move to the back end of the bench as Jawai and Motum gobble up most of the frontcourt backup minutes.

Grade: C+

ADAM GIBSON (1.3pts, 1.3 ast)
Has provided good backup to Delly, playing solid D and being a facilitator on offense. Has either been told not to shoot or is looking mainly for his comrades (has only scored in transition and has yet to take a 3).

Grade: C+

NATHAN JAWAI (4pts, 2.5 reb)
Has played some important back-up minutes and while he's not in awesome shape, he's provided a body and a low post presence with some nice passing to boot. Minutes should continue to grow as tournament continues.


CHRIS GOULDING (3pts, 3 reb)
Only saw action against Korea and nailed a three and got some boards. With a lot of depth at the 2/3 spot is unlikely to get a decent run unless Broekhoff cools down.


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