Boomers 2014 World Team

I'm pretty pumped about this Boomers squad repping Australia at the upcoming World Champs. Here's some thoughts on the final 12.

Haven't seen much of the big guy since his NBA tour but by all accounts he's healthy, working into good form and is still 208cm. Almost a forgotten player back here due to health issues but could provide some valuable minutes.

He's a proven winner who's achieved a hell of a lot. Thrives at international level where he knows many of those he's competing against and the style of play. The Boomers best shooting big man will be invaluable at these games.

Will come in super confident as an NBA champ and with his game developing well. Looking forward to the Delly/Baynes pick and rolls. Real chance to lift his profile.

Coming in off some good draft camps and summer league form and should provide some impact off the bench. Vlahov 2.0 in waiting.

Comfortable at this level and suddenly finds himself as one of the veterans of the team. Australia will need Brad or Jingles to hold their own at the "3" for the team to be a serious medal threat.

Likely 12th man but might see his number called with his reputation as a solid shooter. Largest unknown on the team but must have impressed considering who didn't make the cut.

My tip to be the surprise of the team. On the cusp of an NBA gig and will be keen to impress. Not pretty to watch unless you're a basketball purest, then you'll love his game. Gets to the right spots, sets good picks, excellent passer. Kind of player who thrives when surrounded by better players.

Keeps improving every time we see him. Was excellent at the 2012 Olympics and without Patty out, "Jingles"  should be our go to guy. Good defender with an ever improving outside game. 36ers fans might raise there voices for his signature if he leads the team to a medal. Sadly for Radelaide, a big campaign will see the NBA or bigger Euro clubs open their cheque books.

Will have his moments but don't expect Dante to star. Still has a lot to learn but will benefit from the campaign.

Likely to have a similar role to that on Dallas's summer league team (stand in the corner and shoot open threes). On this team though he might find his team mates are slightly more "sharing" and look for him when he's open. Likely 10th-12th man who'll need to take his opportunities and play some D.

Coming off a very impressive rookie season and excellent summer league campaign. Plays the game right and will bring the best out of this roster. Looking forward to seeing him run this team and how he combines in particular with the bigs.

As in previous national campaigns, will likely be at the end of the bench but may be called upon for shutdown roles and his mid-range shooting. Hoping the experience leads to a big season for Adelaide.

The team is a genuine medal threat and with NBA guys dropping out in droves, this team could sneak up on everyone. Can't wait.

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