Two To Go

The Sixers took the number of signed players for 2014/2015 to eight on Tuesday with the signing of former Taipans import Jamar Wilson.

The 30 year New Yorker has had a solid NBL career to date, highlighted by his debut season where he was runner-up for league MVP. He's shown an ability to take over games offensively, including several times against the Sixers.

Is he right for Adelaide though?

It's clear we won't look back at the signing as a "bad move". Wilson is a baller. The question is, can he take Adelaide a step further than Gary Ervin did?

Despite Ervin's fall from grace in the playoffs, his regular season was pretty impressive and he won several games pretty much off his own hands. Ervin, who'd not played in the NBL playoffs previously, struggled to elevate his game in the playoffs and pretty much stamped his exit with  #Manpartsgate and a horrid series against Perth.

Wilson's success will be measured purely on if he can get Adelaide a well overdue championship. Some might be already assuming Adelaide has one hand on the trophy with James Ennis seemingly NBA bound. Think again. Perth has a history of "Continuous Improvement" and will surely put together another title contender. Plus be very weary of what's happening in Melbourne, Townsville and Wollongong.

The biggest alarm bells around Wilson are his age and outside shot. His key stats (points, rebounds, assists) have all declined over his three seasons and his three-point percentage last year was an abysmal 27%. His defense isn't elite...but neither was Ervin's.

Wilson's upside will be his versatility and size, which should give Joey Wright a few more options, especially with three guard lineups.

Adelaide is now at 54 player points with Wilson's signing, leaving 16 points for it's last two players. This is where it gets interesting.

A second import means we definitely won't see DJ return. If DJ returns we'll be going down the one import route.

And then there's the whole Joe Ingles situation that we're not really getting much information on.

My thinking is the Sixers need a young, quick back-up point guard and a legit,young big man.

Teys, Creek and Crawford should split a lot of the minutes at the 3. Peach and Anthony should split the power forward minutes. Currently Schensch is our only centre.

My hope is the Sixers re-sign DJ, recruit AJ Ogilvy or find an import for the 5 spot.

They have the points to get a decent back-up point guard but will likely end up with a "low points" guy, whether it be Daly/Doyle/Adnam or a college kid.

That gives Adelaide a very solid team, although there would be some concerns over age and outside shooting (no-one on that roster shot over 40% on threes last year). The three ball is important in modern basketball and Adelaide's roster to this point is full of "streaky" shooters. Perth hit 30 triples in the finals to Adelaide 21 (ie 43% more). Finals MVP Jermaine Beal hit 11 of them.

There's a few guys who've had a variety of injuries over the years too and only two players (Creek and Teys) are under 25. Four are over 30.

So yeah, a lot is riding on these last two spots.

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