Roster Update

It's been a pretty slow start to Adelaide's off-season recruiting, which is not unusual with the NBA season still running and most recruiting happening around June/July.

The confirmed starters for next year's roster so far are....

Adam Gibson
Anthony Petrie
Brendan Teys
Daniel Johnson
BJ Anthony
Luke Schenscher

That leaves Adelaide 29 points for it's final 4 roster spots.

In theory, Adelaide can bring back all of last year's roster but that seems unlikely, despite those players fitting in to the points system (they combine for 27 points)

GARY ERVIN (10pts)
Appears to be gone but expect Adelaide to look for another American point guard. Doubt he'll be back in the NBL in 2014/2015.

Makes sense to bring him back but I'd expect Cadee to look for more playing time elsewhere. His career didn't take off as many expected in Naptown. Under Marty Clarke he got the starting spot but was never properly utilised, playing lots of minutes at the "2". Under Wright, he backed up former league MVP Gary Ervin and 2012 Olympian Adam Gibson, rarely getting the minutes he needed. Sydney, Cairns and New Zealand all possible new homes.

A big question mark hangs over Mitch. Doesn't appear to have the full trust of the coaching staff and has struggled to develop the all-around game many thought he'd have in place by now. Won't be shocked if he's gone as the club is desperate for some outside shooting. Townsville would be a perfect new home.

Ideal backup for Gibbo and has the defensive skills Wright desires. I'd guess he's the most likely of the 4 to get a return gig.

Looking at the free agents landscape, here's some names we should be looking at (outside American imports).

Is young, has great shooting range and size. Should be a prime target.

Ideal replacement for DJ if he gets an overseas gig. Johnson is currently averaging 18 points and 6.2 boards in Puerto Rico and is doing his Euro/NBA chances no harm. Wilkinson would help stretch the floor and give the team some leadership and toughness.

CJ BRUTON (6pts)
Very much in the twilight of his career but could thrive playing 10-15 minutes a game on a championship team. I expect him to land in Perth (his first team) or Adelaide in an attempt to win one last title. Shooting, experience and leadership would be very handy.

AJ OGILVY (10pts)
Only attainable if DJ leaves but would give the Sixers a very different look at centre. Must consider.

On his last legs but could be nursed through the season and again would provide much needed outside shooting and experience.

A better defender than CJ or Harvey but his shooting appears to be on a decline. Unlikely to leave Townsville but could be lured by the team's title chances.

Would slot in perfectly at small forward and ticks several boxes. Small chance though.

The league MVP would be handy and is still developing. Might be tough to recruit with offers likely to come from around the globe.

Could be a handy bench pickup but don't see him leaving the 'Gong.

Besides the locals there's some good available Aussies who have just completed college, including

Had an excellent college career but unlikely to be drafted. Will likely try Europe or Summer League but should be the #1 college target by all NBL clubs.

6"10 kid from Sydney with shooting range. Worth a look.

Played at Bryant with fellow South Aussie and new Taipan Corey Maynard. He's no Corey Maynard though and cracking the NBL will be a challenge.

West Australian big who averaged 11 and 10 at Ball State (the same college Superintendent Chalmers from"The Simpsons" went to). Definitely worth serious consideration.

6"10 Victorian who averaged 13 points and 5 boards at UC Riverside. Had some big games and also worth a look.

And then there's the marquee player rule. Would be great but Sixers probably need a donor or another solid year on and off the court to have the funds needed to attract a washed up former NBA guy.

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