Another Roster Update

In my "Roster Update" article yesterday, I incorrectly reported that DJ and Schensch were signed for next year. I gathered this information form the league's website. Lesson learnt. I wrote this despite my understanding being that DJ had an "opt out" and Schensch had a player option (and must have decided to pick it up).

The facts are that DJ does not have a contract and Schensch has a player option but has not signed at this point. It would expected that we'd see the Twin Towers return though unless they got superior offers from other clubs, either in the NBL or overseas.

The club though did confirm today that Mitch Creek will be back, signing for two years with a third year option. This means five of last year's grand final squad are now locked up. It also now means Adelaide has used 30 of it's allowed 70 points, leaving 40 points for five players which allows for two imports or "10" players and some handy role players. If DJ and Schensch both return, Adelaide will have 21 points for three players, still allowing lots of flexibility, such as

-Two "10" players and a development player ie Adam Doyle
-An import, Jason Cadee and Rhys Carter
-An import, one of Carter or Cadee and a recruit such as Steindl, Bruton or a returning college player.

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