The Decider (Preview: 36ers vs Cats GF Game 3 13/4/14)

By this time tomorrow,we'll have a new NBL Champion.

Will it be Perth, who are attempting to wipe the memory of two successive Grand Finals losses? Or will it be Adelaide, who are attempting to go from bottom to top in just one season?

Either way, we'll have a champion who's had to do it tough to win the title.

The Wildcats will go in as clear favourites. They are back at home and can expect a big lift from yesterday's performance. It would be fair to say pretty much every Wildcat played worse yesterday than they did Monday. Adelaide made some good adjustments and got a lot more from Gary Ervin but the Cats were clearly affected by the game being called much more tightly. While most Wildcats were down, pretty much every Adelaide player was better yesterday than they were Monday.

If the Cats are allowed to play their "style" and lift as expected for their home crowd, they'll be very hard to beat. An Adelaide win will only come if Ervin and DJ both play big, Gibbo plays like last night and the Sixers get contributions from bench players Creek, Carter and Schenscher in particular. The biggest test will be how it's modified defensive tactics hold up on the road. Adelaide managed to close the inside down well, allowing little for Ennis in the middle and plenty of open shots for Perth's lesser shooters.

The heart says Adelaide can pull it off but the head says the Cats will be happier with the refs and will be back to their best from range and on the boards.

My Tip: Perth by 8

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  1. Win or lose later today (its 3:32am right now), we can all be proud of what the Adelaide 36ers have already achieved this season. After 4 fruitless years under Scotty Ninnis and Marty Clarke, Adelaide is once again a force in the NBL under the coaching of Joey Wright.

    Give `em hell in Perth today guys.


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