So Close.....(Review: 36ers v Wildcats Gm 3 13/4/14)

Perth 93, Adelaide 59

Just like on Monday, a second quarter blitz by the Perth Wildcats helped them earn a comfortable win over the 36ers on their way to claiming the 2013/2014 championship.

The first quarter started ominously for both teams with DJ nailing a jumper to open the scoring. At the other end, Redhage and Petrie got tangled up and somehow Peach was seen as the instigator. The Cats got the ball and Redhage scored Perth's opening bucket. It was dour first quarter, with the game becoming a defensive slog. Perth lead 18-15 at the first break and was clearly benefiting from it's home crowd and shall we say, being able to play the Perth way.Perth's starters tallied 12 fouls today as they did in Game 1. On Friday they combined for 20. That's not the reason Adelaide lost though.

The Cats blew the game apart in the second quarter, going to work on the boards and killing Adelaide's offense. DJ and Ervin were unable to find any rhythm, with only DJ scoring from the duo (3 points). Gibson and Petrie were the only Sixers producing, combining for 8 of Adelaide's 13 points and 3 of the team's 4 rebounds for the quarter. Consider these stats (points,fouls, rebounds).

Anthony- 3 fouls
Schenscher- 1 point
Creek- 2 fouls, 1 rebound
Carter- 1 foul
Cadee- 2 points

So Adelaide's bench combined for three points and 1 rebound.

Now look at these stats

Tom Jervis- 4 rebounds (3 offensive), 4 points,1 foul
Greg Hire- 4 rebounds (4 offensive), 2 points

Those two helped Perth win the boards 14-4, earning all Perth's offensive rebounds for the period. 

It wasn't looking good for Adelaide.

DJ and Ervin were well held again in the third, with Ervin scoring from two free throws and DJ firing blanks. Peach and Gibson scored 7 of Adelaide's 17 and got a little help from Mitch Creek, who battled hard and earned three free throws. It was Adelaide's best offensive quarter but the Cats still scored 23 to put the game well and truly out of Adelaide's reach.

The Sixers kept coming up short in the fourth while Perth had some fun. Drake U'u nailed two threes and tenth man Erik Burdon also nailed one. The Sixers were running on fumes, scoring just 2 points over the last 4:13 to allow Perth's crowd to soak in the victory.

Perth's veterans were outstanding and got some massive help from Greg Hire and Tom Jervis in the game-changing second quarter. Adelaide's guns were all down with the exception of Anthony Petrie, who had a season-high 20 points. A win in Perth would only come if DJ and Ervin had blinders and the team won the boards. Those two combined for 13 points. Adelaide did win the boards 35-33 but this was due to Perth taking an additional 14 shots.

Despite losing, it was an exceptional season for the club and one that they can build on next year. There's a strong chance both DJ and Ervin will be gone and that clubs will swoop on out-of-contract players like Mitch Creek,Jason Cadee and Brendan Teys. Fortunately though Joey Wright is locked in and has shown he has the coaching and roster selection skills to ensure Adelaide should be back as a strong finals contender in 2014/2015. More about that in the coming weeks.....


Gibson- Good but not great. Then again he's playing with a bad back and messed up foot. We understand.

Ervin- 4 points and 1 assist. Not very "money". Had a solid regular season but had 1 big game out of 5 in the finals, plus that one game suspension. Some good memories but even he'll admit he didn't play well enough when it mattered most.

Teys-Had foul troubles and couldn't keep up his stellar playoffs run. Has shown he belongs in the league and will get plenty more minutes somewhere (hopefully here) next year.

Petrie- A warrior. Has focused on D most of the year but showed he's still got the offensive tools. 

Johnson- Lowest scoring game of the year. Struggled with the physicality of Perth and fell into some bad habits. 

Cadee- A couple of good moments but again resorted to too many floaters and fadeaways instead of getting to the rim. Defense still a way off.

Schenscher- Gave some resistance but his skyhook deserted him and missed some gimmes. 

Carter- Another poor game at his former home and this time he couldn't blame gastro. Hey, we'll always Game 1 vs Melbourne.

Anthony- Foul troubles again limited his output. 

Creek- Tried hard but game still needs some polish. Unsure if that will happen here. 

***Box Score From nbl.com.au***

Team totals19/56343/171818/24759263593521272059122
Points from Turnovers: 8 Points in the Paint: 22 Second Chance Points: 4 Fast Break Points: 0
Coach: Joey Wright Assistant: Kevin Brooks  

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  1. No excuses, we just had our worst game of the year at the absolute wrong time. Pity, but going from bottom to grand finalist in one season isn't a bad achievement. We might not have won, but losing to Perth in Perth is no disgrace. And at least James Ennis and his ego didn't win the GF MVP. Beal was a deserving winner IMO.

    I thought what killed us yesterday was our shot selection in the second. At times it was a lot of one out stuff that Perth was able to easily counter with double and triple teams, and we seemed to be putting up bombs instead of trying to work for the shot. How many times did we lost the ball trying to drive to the hoop? Ervin and Creek in particular were bad for that.

    Well done Perth.


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