Roster Review 2014/2015

With the dust now settled on the Sixers 2013/2014 campaign, it's time to look ahead to the 2014/2015 season and see who stays, who goes and who might come in. The NBL Player Points for 2014/2015 were released today, so here's my latest thoughts.

All indications are that he's gone. While he certainly had a good year overall and won the team some games off his own hand, "Man Parts Gate", the no shows on the road in the playoffs and the play of Jason Cadee when Ervin was absent just leaves too many "cons".

Signed up and is an integral part of the 36ers quest for a title next year.

Owes most of his NBL success to Joey Wright and I'm sure he'd like to stay. To my understanding he stays a "1" if he gets a multi-year deal, as opposed to a "5" if he walks. He'll probably still get some decent offers as a 5 but I'd be stunned if he left..

Announced today that he's staying. Great news.

Comes down to what opportunities open up overseas. Very hard to replace if he goes but most fans would (should) be eager to see how far his talent can take him. NBA or a strong Euro club not out of the question. A major retool needed if he goes so club needs him to make a call ASAP.

A big question mark. Game hasn't taken off in Adelaide as many expected but did have some big games this year when Gary was absent. Should have several NBL clubs calling and offering a starting spot, something he's unlikely to get here. Has all the tools but with Adelaide's depth and his outside shot and defense still a little shaky, unlikely to be offered the opportunities he seeks here.

Has the option and with Adelaide being home and him being well managed by the club would be surprised if he opted out.

We may have seen the last of him in Adelaide. He's loyal but will get plenty of offers and not just from the NBL. Can no longer get away with the "he has unlimited potential" line- time to start producing. Defense is very good but offensively is too predictable and struggles with consistency, especially on the road. I'll be surprised if he returns. (Cue readers throwing hypothetical rotten tomatoes at me)

Won Sixers fans back pretty quickly, especially with his Game 1 performance versus Melbourne. Shot is still too unreliable but is a perfect backup for Gibbo. If he's happy with a bench role and an average pay packet he'll be back.

Signed up but unlikely to see many more minutes if the all the bigs in front of him essentially remain the same.

So I'm predicting Adelaide's roster might start with


These 7 total 47 points, leaving Adelaide 23 points for 3 players . That's enough for 2 imports and a 10th man, or 3 very good players.

For that you could get an import, Clint Steindl and anyone of CJ Bruton, James Harvey or Peter Crawford.

If DJ goes Euro, we could simply replace him with an import (Gary Wilkinson anyone?)

If he stays, we could throw out a lineup like this.

SG- Gibson
SF- Teys
PF- Petrie
C- Johnson

Bench- Schenscher, Steindl, Bruton, Carter, Anthony

That lineup gives Adelaide a better mix of guards, better shooting and flexibility for the frontcourt for another tilt at the title.


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