Playoff Grades: The Starters (Pt 1)

As part of our post-season reviews, we'll do a bunch of articles on the season that was. Today, we'll start with Part 1 of our Playoff Grades.

Daniel Johnson

Regular Season:  28.64min, 19.8pts, 55% fg, 40% 3pt, 6.8 reb, 1.1ast
Playoffs:             28.78min, 16.3pts, 47% fg, 39% 3pt, 7 reb, 1.3 ast
Best Game:        Game 3 vs Melbourne (23pts, 6 boards)
Rating:                B+

Numbers stack up pretty well but had a poor Game 3 vs Perth. Started Game 1 brilliantly versus Perth but lost his mojo in the second half, mainly due to some "unrewarded" moves under the basket. Was good against Melbourne but numbers flattered him in Game 2.

Anthony Petrie

Regular Season:  25.89min, 10.1 pts, 47% fg, 30% 3pt, 6.8 reb, 1.4ast
Playoffs:             28.21min, 14.3pts, 48% fg, 44% 3pt, 5.7 reb, 0.8 ast
Best Game:        Game 3 vs Perth (20pts, 4 boards)
Rating:                A-

Lifted his game for the playoffs, especially offensively. Stood up in every road game when some of his team mates went missing. Rebound numbers a little down but was sold defensively for the most part.

Brendan Teys

Regular Season:  9.32min, 2.2 pts, 38% fg, 19% 3pt, 1 reb, 0.4ast
Playoffs:             21.54min, 9 pts, 60% fg, 56% 3pt, 2.7 reb, 1.3 ast
Best Game:        Game 2 vs Melbourne (17pts, 3 boards)
Rating:                B+

Gave much more than anyone expected against two very tough opponents. Was extremely efficient and popped up at key moments with an inside basket, charge or steal. The drawn charge vs James Ennis in Game 2 one of the best you'll ever see. A keeper.

Adam Gibson

Regular Season:  32.07min, 12.4 pts, 48% fg, 37% 3pt, 4 reb, 4.8ast
Playoffs:             30.76min, 11.3 pts, 45% fg, 43% 3pt, 4.8 reb, 4.8 ast
Best Game:        Game 2 vs Perth (18pts, 9 reb, 7 ast)
Rating:                B+

Numbers pretty consistent against the regular season but he didn't have a busted foot for most of the year. Couldn't drag us over the line yesterday but looked to be gassed, adding a back injury to his foot woes Friday. Inspirational, dedicated, ferocious......he'll hopefully get us the title next year.

Gary Ervin

Regular Season:  29.48min, 16.4 pts, 41% fg, 37% 3pt, 3.4 reb, 4.7ast
Playoffs:             26.06min, 13.6 pts, 36% fg, 37% 3pt, 5 reb, 3.8 ast
Best Game:        Game 1 vs Melbourne (27pts, 6 reb, 7 ast)
Rating:                B-

Lit up the Tigers in Adelaide Arena in Game 1, then largely went missing. Had an average Game 2 vs Melbourne (aka "The Man Parts Incident"), missed Game 3, and was poor versus Perth except the first half and final few minutes of Game 2. The playoffs should have been his coming out party after battling criticism he'd never tasted playoffs action. Had moments but was too rattled on the road. Hopefully he's learnt a lot from this year. I doubt he'll return though to Adelaide.

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