Here We Come (Review: 36ers vs Tigers 1/4/14)

Adelaide 102, Melbourne 63

Despite missing it's key playmaker and second-leading scorer, the Adelaide 36ers put up one of their best "both ends" performances of the season in a 39 point win over the Melbourne Tigers.

Adelaide surprised by starting Creek in Ervin's place, giving it four aggressive and physical bodies to throw at Goudling. It worked, with Teys largely focusing on annoying Tomlinson and Goulding and a crowd of 4000 pressuring Goulding relentlessly. While Gibson, Creek and Petrie did a great job, the crowd booed him mercilessly.The Sixers got some rough calls and no-calls early but kept at it. The Tigers picked up where they left off in Melbourne, playing on the edge of the rules early and soon saw Morrison and Walker get in foul trouble. Adelaide won the quarter 23-14, holding Goulding to 1 point and 2 turnovers.

It was more of the same in the second as Adelaide outscored Melbourne 26-13. With Wortho and Goulding getting nothing and Walker and Morrison in foul trouble, it was largely left to Melbourne's role players to shoot threes. It didn't work. Adelaide got points from eight of it's nine main rotation players, with Jason Cadee being the only Sixer to not score. He'd make up for it though. The quarter was also memorable for a huge flop by Goulding that got a blood-thirsty crowd even angrier. Goulding walked into Petrie who slightly raised his arm towards him. Goulding dropped like a sack of potatoes. When the replay came up and the full crowd saw what actually happened, the place went nuts. Goulding's act was weak and in a tense game could have had serious consequences if a ref had got sucked in and punished Petrie. Luckily they got that one right.

The Tigers had their best scoring period of the game in the third but unfortunately so did Adelaide. The Sixers closed the period with a surge led by Jason Cadee, who scored 13 points in just 6:05, hitting two threes and making some breathtaking drives. He was awesome. Worthington and Ballinger combined for 11 for the quarter as Goulding self-combusted. He stopped looking for his shot and to become a playmaker. Unlike Sunday, it didn't work.

Both teams eventually started to clear the benches in the fourth as the Sixers refused to take the foot off the pedal and Melbourne remained unable to find a consistent avenue to the basket. Adelaide even got development players Kyle Adnam and Daniel Sims in the game late as the team gave their fans a game to remember.

The Tigers were simply outmatched and outsmarted and couldn't find anyone to score on a consistent basis. Only Lucas Walker hit double figures as Goulding (6pts on 1/5 shooting), Worthington (7pts, 1/13 shooting) and Morrison (3pts, 1/1) had nights they'd rather forget.

Every 36er had a good night out, so good in fact that they'll now have to work out how to balance the minutes with Ervin returning for Monday's series opener. A good problem to have.


Gibson- Relentless on D and hit some key threes. Leadership invaluable.

Teys- A few months ago he was getting rest minutes. Now he's starting on a potential championship team. Excellent defense on Tomlinson and hit some key buckets.

Creek- Got the start and gave Adelaide someone who would attack the basket at every opportunity. 

Petrie- Shutdown Wortho and got in some excellent spots under the basket. Missed a few gimmes but was a standout.

Johnson- Stood up offensively and was aggressive early. Came to play.

Cadee- 19 in 20 minutes. Five boards and four assists. Best game since the injury. Good timing!

Schenscher- Numbers don't justify his game. Got in the way lots and provided a presence.

Carter- Nailed two big threes and made some nice plays at both ends.

Anthony- 8 and 7 in 13 minutes. Defended well, hit the boards and got some easy baskets. Very encouraging game after his recent slump.

Adnam- One awesome drive from the left we won't forget soon.

Sims- Still didn't manage to open his scoring account. Has crazy handle though.

Team totals37/71528/165020/31651534492263102126102294
Points from Turnovers: 14 Points in the Paint: 46 Second Chance Points: 10 Fast Break Points: 4
Coach: Joey Wright Assistant: Kevin Brooks  Richard Dickle

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