Full House (Preview: 36ers vs Wildcats 11/4/14)

For the first time this decade, the Sixers will put up the "Full House" sign at Adelaide Arena, a remarkable turnaround from 12 months ago when you could have turned up on game night with 2000 of your closest friends and got seats.

The crowd will be almost double that of the Semi-Finals Game 3, which should have those who attended pumped. That crowd was amazing...and tomorrow night it will be twice the size. A sell-out is great but it won't be much fun if the Sixers lose.

They won't.

Some of Adelaide's players, most notably Gary Ervin, have struggled against Perth in Perth but played like superstars when back at home. Likewise, some of the Wildcats suffer a sudden form slump when they cross the border. Yes, I'm looking at you James Ennis.

Ennis will be keen for a repeat of his super Game 1 so that he can ensure he gets Finals MVP helps get his team get the title. He won't get as good a ride from the refs tomorrow though (he never may) and won't have a crowd in raptures over his every move. I'm hopeful the crowd won't boo him from the get go and only if he does something to incite the crowd.

We should see a reversal of the energy plays witnessed Monday night and I'm expecting Adelaide to be ferocious on the boards, diving for loose balls and running much more. Having Mitch Creek healthy will help that. Ervin and Cadee will also be glad to be back home and keen to make up for sub par performances in Game 1. I'm expecting Gibson and Petrie to lead by example and for Schenscher to put in a big performance.

Perth will come out hard but with a big crowd behind them I'm picking Adelaide to level the series.

My Tip: Adelaide by 5

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  1. Used to watch "Full House" as a kid (always thought Candice Cameron was hot :p )

    Is this the first 36ers sell out since Brett Maher's last home game? From what I read on the 36ers Facebook page, they will be putting all seats out, including those between the two races to the dressing rooms. That will also be good to see.

    I wish I could be there but finances told me it wasn't an option, so the live broadcast on One it is.

    Lets make a statement Adelaide and send the series to a third game.


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