The Numbers: Small Ball (4/3/14)

When the Sixers made the leap and decided to send J-Frye packing and to replace him with Rhys Carter, most figured it would simply be Creek in, Carter to backup the backups. Hasn't turned out that way.

Over the last 3 games, Carter's minutes have steadily increased while Creeks' have slowly decreased, leading to Rhys getting more minutes than Mitch in the last round versus the Hawks. Creek's minutes haven't leaped as expected not only because he didn't get the starting spot awarded to Brendan Teys but because Wright is playing lots of "small ball".

But is it working?

The Cadee/Ervin/Gibson lineup still stands as our must successful small lineup, tallying an impressive +16 for the year. That lineup works because it pairs Cadee with two dangerous outside shooters.

Looking at lineups featuring Rhys Cater we get the following.

The most successful group is Ervin/Carter/Gibson, who are at +8 in 13:49

Cadee/Ervin/Carter is also doing ok, registering +5 in 8:55

The lineup struggling the most? Cadee/Teys/Gibson who are at -9 in just 5:09 minutes.

Here's how Carter goes with our main guards (excluding lineups with Gibbo at the 4)

Cadee/Carter lineups: -2
Ervin/Carter lineups: +13
Gibson/Carter lineups: +1

Small sample sizes but interesting numbers.

The other interesting stat is without perhaps realising it, Creek has played a fair few minutes this year at the 4 spot. Lineups with Mitch at the 4 with a legit 5 next to him are actually doing pretty well.

Creek/Schenscher: +5
Creek/Johnson: +4

That obviously drops if you put him with.....

Creek/Anthony: -4
Creek/ Petrie: -7

It will be interesting to see how our guards are used in the playoffs and if we see more of Mitch at the 4 but it's clear Wright needs to get the minutes allocation and rotations sorted pretty quickly.

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  1. The way its been going for the kid over the past few seasons here, I'm starting to wonder if Mitch Creek will ever get into the starting 5 on a regular basis here. He was blocked by Clarke's love child Stephen Weigh, and now he's seemingly playing second fiddle to both Teys and Carter despite being the only legit SF in the current rotation.

    I'll admit I'm not a big fan of going small all that often. We don't have the D to effectively guard the perimeter, and by going small you get exposed inside, and none of our bigs can really guard the paint on their own. I know going small is more of an offensive move, but is that really working? We're still missing a lot of 3's and giving up a lot of them.

    If Joey was going to start anyone in front of Creek, IMO he should have gone with Cadee/Ervin/Gibson, have Carter as the main backup guard, and left Teys doing what he was which was picking up spot minutes. While Teys has grown in confidence, he's still not really doing much for the minutes he's been getting since Frye was cut


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