The Numbers: Gibbo and Gary

The Sixers are 3-1 over the last 4 games and a big part of that success has been down to Adelaide's backcourt of Adam Gibson and Gary Ervin.

Both have truly stepped up, lifting the majority of their averages and shooting the ball at a much better clip.

Last 4: 13.8pts, 5.3 reb, 5.5 ast, 59% FG, 60% 3PT
Season: 12.2pts, 4 reb, 4.8 ast, 48% FG, 35% 3PT

Last 4: 20.8pts, 3.3 reb, 3.8 ast, 52% FG, 43% 3PT
Season: 16.3 pts, 3.2 reb, 4.6 ast, 41% FG, 36% 3PT

The addition of Rhys Carter has given the Sixers the deepest guard rotation in the league by a country mile but the Sixers still require big games out of  Gibson and Ervin. Gibson is able to plug the gaps for Adelaide at both ends, whether it be to fire from the perimeter, distribute the ball, slow the oppositions best scorer or come up with timely steals. Ervin isn't expected to give as much at the defensive end but has played his part, coming up with 7 steals over the last 4 games. While he can get outmatched, he's certainly no matador on D. It seems most wins for Adelaide are built upon Ervin's ability to break down team's interior defense.

They've both received some better bench support also of late.

Carter has been solid since joining the team and has given very handy contributions in the last two games in particular (10.5pts, 2.5 ast).

Most of us are still scratching our head over Teys starting but he's also looked better, averaging 9.5 over the last two in just under 18 minutes a game.

Cadee has struggled to recapture his late 2013/early 2014 form, averaging 4 points and 3.8 assists on 6/20 shooting over the last four games.

On Friday, Gibson and Ervin face their main competition for the league's best backcourt in Jermaine Beal and Damian Martin. Which backcourt wins this potential grand final preview will go a long way to determining who wins Friday.

Can't wait.

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