The Numbers: Double Trouble (36ers v Cats,Kings)

The addition of Rhys Carter to the Sixers squad has meant Joey Wright has had to continue to experiment with different lineups. The weekend games have shown us clearly there's one lineup we must continue to give more playing time to- any lineup with DJ and Schensch.

Adelaide had two dominant periods of play over the weekend: a 17-5 run versus Perth in the last quarter and a 12-2 run versus Sydney that almost put the game out of Sydney's reach on Sunday. Both lineups featured Johnson and Schenscher.

Marty Clarke struggled to get the best out of the Twin Towers and while some of that can be put down to Luke's injuries, Wright certainly uses them differently. Wright doesn't run the offense through Big Luke as much, Schensch is there to get some easy baskets against undersized lineups. Having Luke back on D also takes some pressure of DJ, who's far from a rim protector.

DJ and Schensch went +20 versus Perth and +9 versus Sydney. Here's how each player fared with Peach and BJ

Petrie/Johnson  +4
Petrie/Schenscher  +5
Anthony/Johnson   -1
Anthony/Schenscher   -3

Petrie/Johnson  -4
Petrie/Schenscher  -4
Anthony/Johnson   -8
Anthony/Schenscher   -4

Which brings us to our next study: BJ Anthony

BJ showed promising signs early for Adelaide but in 2014 has offered little. We don't know how much of that relates to an ankle injury sustained earlier this year but he's clearly not as fluent down low and we're not seeing the footwork that stood out in November.

BJ is sitting on -74 for the year, a full 60 points behind the Sixer with the second worst +/-, Jason Cadee. Anthony went -4 versus Perth (only he and Carter registered a negative +/- for that game) and -12 versus Sydney (second worst beating only Anthony "why do I have to guard Ogilvy" Petrie).

BJ looked like a huge recruit early but unless we see more of those low post moves soon, he might be best sitting at the end of the pine as Adelaide puts DJ and Schensch out there together more and even uses more of Creek at the 4, who has done well there with the right lineups.

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