Melbourne Strike Gould (Review: 36ers v Tigers 30/3/14)

Melbourne 98, Adelaide 87

The Melbourne Tigers  turned it's series against the Adelaide 36ers on it's head today, coming from behind to score a memorable 11 point win to send the series to a decider in Adelaide.

Going in we knew that if Goulding and Worthington scored half of Melbourne's points they'd probably win. They combined for 50 of Melbourne's 98, so yep, they won.

The 36ers stormed to a 30-21 lead in the first quarter, getting points out of eight of it's players. Melbourne couldn't stop Adelaide but this time Adelaide did a lot of it's work from the free throw line (11 of it's 30 points). The Sixers only drilled one three pointer in the first period too. It had kept Goulding and Worthington relatively quiet though, with the Tigers star duo only combining for 7 points.

Then Goulding went nuts.

Melbourne outscored Adelaide 27-16 in the second as Adelaide's offense went cold. Chris Goulding turned maestro, frustrating Adelaide by playing some of the smartest basketball we've seen him play. He started attacking the basket and when he got smothered, he started finding open players under the basket. At one point he scored 12 straight Tigers points, helping them turn a 42-33 deficit into a 48-46 half-time lead.

All of a sudden Adelaide had a problem.

It was more of the same in the third as the Tigers held Adelaide to just 19 points while scoring 28 of their own. Goulding carried the team on his shoulders as Adelaide became helpless, breaking down on the perimeter and inside as it became so ultra conscious of Goulding. DJ in particular won't want to watch the video. Melbourne hit five threes for the quarter, with former Sixer Adam Ballinger coming up with two key triples to quickly respond to Adelaide runs.

Melbourne opened the fourth with a 76-65 lead as Adelaide surprisingly opened with Gibson/Carter/Teys/Petrie/Anthony. Those five did ok though and by the time DJ and Ervin came in Adelaide trailed by only 8, 78-70. At the 4:23 mark Adelaide had it back to six before two Ervin fouls had a dramatic impact. The first led to a side ball and a Lucas Walker three. The second happened as Adelaide looked to inbound the ball. Ervin tried to get past Goulding but then in his frustration put a knee into Goulding, which the Tigers star later suggested connected with his "man parts". The Sixers import was hit was a USF and the resulting freebies for Goulding got it back to 90-79 Melbourne. The Tigers maintained that margin and pulled off a win that will have Adelaide a tad nervous heading back to Naptown for a sudden death Game 3.

The Biggest questions from this one are......

1/ Can Adelaide stop Goulding next time around?

2/ What happened to our D?

3/ How was our offense thrown out so much that our two leading scorers were Petrie and Teys with 17?

The biggest question though will be what happens to Gary. I'm guessing he'll get a $1000 fine and one game suspended sentence but I'm terrible at predicting these things. In his favour will be that he wasn't ejected in the game and that Goulding was technically delaying the game. Let's hope he's there.


Gibson- Played well and wasn't too blame for a large chuck of Goulding's points

Ervin- Stunk it up after a huge Game 1. If he plays, his reputation of being "money" is well and truly on the line.

Teys- His 17 points was a highlight of the game. His 17 points was also a lowlight of the game, if you get my drift.

Petrie- Battled hard and was perhaps our best.

Johnson- Nice stats but an average game. Did some nice defensive things early but also got embarrassed a few times. Will be glad to be back at home.

Cadee- Um.....struggling. If Ervin's out will have a huge responsibility Tuesday.

Schenscher- Didn't get enough minutes considering how the game was going.

Carter- From hero to zero. Some handy threes but nowhere near as effective defensively.

Anthony- Pulled off his first spin move in months but didn't record a rebound in his 7 minutes.

Creek- Shot 1/6 and should be much better at home.

Team totals32/81405/232218/228217244111567202287210
Points from Turnovers: 10 Points in the Paint: 40 Second Chance Points: 10 Fast Break Points: 0
Coach: Joey Wright Assistant: Kevin Brooks  

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