Which Five?

Australia's best basketball journo, Boti Nagy, nearly caused the internet to go down in Adelaide today when he broke the news that Brendan Teys might start in tonight's clash versus Perth. It became a hot topic on Hoops.com.au and has more than a few 36ers fans wondering if Joey's on something.

If Mitch Creek starts, it certainly curtails some of the energy the team gets from it's bench but Creek deserves the chance to start and play 30 minutes a game. You don't get rid of Jarrid Frye to give your tenth man a starting role. It's time for Mitch to be given a real crack as a starter.

I've got a solution that sees Creek start, keeps Teys as a back-up and still brings some offensive punch off the bench. It's this starting 5.


Which means Peach moves to the bench.

I'm not saying it's forever but it's worth a shot. Petrie has come off the bench for most of his career and even though he's a Boomer, is well suited to the role. If he comes on for DJ, the team still has scoring at the 4 spot. If he comes on for Schensch, the team has a very potent and athletic offensive lineup. We showed some stats in this week's "The Numbers" that show this 5 deserves some minutes. Here's further numbers for the other two combos mentioned.

                                                                       +/-            MINUTES
Ervin/Gibson/Creek/Petrie/Schenscher 13 6.58
Ervin/Gibson/Creek/Petrie/Johnson 2 58.14

It's strange we've seen so much of one lineup and not the other. The +13 for the Petrie/Schenscher version is good but off a small sample size. The Ervin/Gibson/Creek/Petrie/Johnson lineup actually has fared worse than the same lineup with Frye in instead of Creek. Go Figure.

Wright rarely bluffs and I'm expecting Joey to stick with what he's said. If he does, the +/- numbers are actually pretty good....

                                                                      +/-            MINUTES
Ervin/Teys/Gibson/Petrie/Johnson 11 3.25
A very small sample size but that's pretty impressive.

Assuming Perth starts Martin/Beal/Ennis/Redhage/Jervis though, I'm figuring a Ervin/Gibson/Creek/Petrie/Johnson lineup matches up a lot better and ensures Perth don't jump us early.

I can hardly wait...........

***Don't forget, this won't be on ONE but on NBL.Tv due to the Winter Olympics.

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