The Numbers: Super Double Bonus Edition (vs Cats, Tigers 14/2 - 16/2)

For "The Numbers" this week, I thought we'd look at how some lineups performed on the weekend.

1/ Your New Staring Lineup (AKA Brendan Teys- From 10th Man to Starter)
The new lineup went -7 in 17:47 of action of the weekend. As a starting 5, they went -6 in the game versus Perth and +2 against Melbourne.

2/ Ervin/Gibson/Creek/Petrie/Johnson (AKA The Fans Choice)
This lineup went +8 in 14:17 over the weekend. Yep- they got less minutes than the above lineup. Joey honoured the "it's not who starts but who finishes" edict by starting this lineup in the fourth of both weekend games. This lineup was on when Adelaide took a 1 point lead to a 9 point lead of the second quarter versus Melbourne.

3/ Ervin/Gibson/Creek/Johnson/Schenscher (AKA Forcey's Choice)
This lineup is my solution to starting Creek yet still having a key energy guy off the bench (Peach). They only played once together over the weekend, registering -2 in 1:26 (and that was versus Perth when only 6 of 27 lineups clawed back the deficit). For the season this lineup has only played just over 7 minutes for a +4. Would like to see more of this unit as I think it's perhaps our most devastating at both ends.

Also of note, Rhys Carter registered -5 and -8 in his two games of the weekend. That -5 was the team's best versus Perth and the -8 the team's worst versus Melbourne. Will be interesting to see how Wright uses him down the stretch.

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