Ouch (Review: 36ers vs Wildcats 14/2/14)

Perth 85, Adelaide 61

The 36ers put in one of their worst performances since...I don't know, last week, getting shut down by the Wildcats in an 85-61 rout.

Adelaide started as coach Joey Wright had told us, inserting little used Brendan Teys for Jarrid Frye. The Cats jumped Adelaide early and has a 13-7 lead before Mitch Creek entered the game for Teys. Not much changed as Perth continued to out hustle and out  play Adelaide and held a game-winning 27-13 lead at quarter time. Perth smashed Adelaide on the boards, especially offensively. Import James Ennis hauled in an incredible 8 boards in the first quarter, while also scoring 6 points. Jesse Wagstaff scored 9 and Jermaine Beal 8. Anthony Petrie scored 7 for Adelaide, with the other 6 coming from Johnson,Schenscher and Teys. It was ominous that Ervin, Gibson and Creek failed to score in the opening quarter. The Cats had shut down Johnson especially well, who recorded 2 points and 3 turnovers.  Wright had tried all ten players going into the second quarter.

It was more of the same in the second as Perth won the quarter 23-11. Perth was hot from outside and Adelaide just couldn't get anything going, at one point going 6:09 without scoring. There was nothing easy inside and Adelaide was simply woeful from range. Perth led 48-24 at half-time and an Adelaide comeback was starting to look less and less likely.

Adelaide was far more settled in the third quarter, slowing Perth to some degree and managed to outscore the Cats 19-16 for the quarter. It's defense was a little better and it was a little more active inside. Petrie was again solid, scoring 8 of Adelaide's 19 for the period as Adelaide had it back to 64-43 going into the 4th.

The Cats took control back in the 4th, with Beal and Ennis hitting threes and getting some open dunks. Adelaide did well to not let this become a blow out in a hostile environment but there won't be many positives to take into Sunday's Melbourne game. They shot 32% from the field. They scored  9 points on threes, as opposed to Perth's 39. They lost the rebounds 39-29. Perth had 8 steals to Adelaide's 2. Oh and after the game several Sixers, including coach Joey Wright, got into a scuffle with their opponents in an event that will be looked at closely by the league. Petrie and Ennis got jawing which started everything and it escalated when Wright took exception to some contact made by one of Peth's assistants. No proper punches were thrown but it didn't look good and Wright might be asked to explain why after the scuffle had stopped he went back for more.

It will be interesting to see what Wright changes for Sunday's game. The Teys experiment failed spectacularly. Teys had 2 points, a rebound and assist in 13 minutes. We weren't expecting much more from him than solid defense but he had little impact. The major damage of this move was that I'm confident Creek was gutted by finally not getting a crack at a starters role. He responded with 4 points and 5 boards in just 20 minutes. He tried but didn't seem himself.

Wright seems committed to running a 10 man rotation which seems crazy with the "weapons" he has. Carter, Teys and Cadee all played between 13 and 15 minutes, combining for 10 points and 2 assists. It's clear early the team balance is not good in the backcourt and Carter just brings more of things the team already has. He's simply a poor man's Adam Gibson, a role that was being played by Teys. Don't take that personally guys!

My fix would be to start Creek tomorrow, put Teys back on the end of the bench and insert Schensch for Petrie. That gives Adelaide some scoring and hustle off the bench while hopefully getting the most from Mitch. It was ludicrous seeing Carter and Teys eat up so many of his deserved minutes.

Gibson- Contributed in several areas but left his shot back home, shooting 1/9 for 2 points. We don't want him scoring 20 but we can't afford him to be scoring under 8 a game.

Cadee- Looked lost with a very unclear function. Hit a 3 but was otherwise quiet.

Teys- Battled but shouldn't have started. 

Ervin- Another poor showing from G-Money, who has looked a shell of himself the past 2 games, scoring a total of 11 points of 5/19 shooting.

Schenscher- Gave something, despite some "look away!" moments. Think he needs to start.

Carter- It's 1 game in but he's clearly not what we needed. Threw up some complete bricks. At best, he'll become a handy streak shooter who plays tough D. 

Petrie-Best offensive game in a while but needs to do more on the boards and stop the meaningless push and shoves.

Anthony- Had some moments and a welcome addition back to the lineup

Johnson- 10 points and 3 boards shows how well Perth played him. Most of those points (and rebounds!) came when the game was done. Has tallied 4 boards over the past 2 games.

Creek- Clearly not happy with coming off the bench and struggled to have an impact. 5 boards were good but there were no easy baskets last night.

Team totals20/62323/152018/199592029142414211661120
Points from Turnovers: 6 Points in the Paint: 18 Second Chance Points: 4 Fast Break Points: 0
Coach: Joey Wright Assistant: Kevin Brooks  

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  1. Last night started out bizarre and just kept going. The only on-court bright spots were Peach and Luke Schenscher. Perth struggled to contain Luke at times and it was really only when double and triple teaming him that they got on top of him.

    The incident at the end of the game was ugly. Looking at the video of it, James Ennis throws two straight lefts at Mitch Creek (at least one connected). But because he's the leagues NBA poster boy I doubt anything will come of that. I doubt much will change on his travelling either......especially in light of recent comments about not calling travels.

    The question for tomorrow is do the 36ers go with their normal starting 5, just with Creek in for the departed Frye? Or do they go big and have Peach/DJ/Schenscher as our 3/4/5? And would it be worth starting Jason Cadee instead of Gary Ervin who is clearly out of sorts.

    I think the 36ers have lost a fair bit of defensive strength dumping Frye and bringing in Carter. Though being his first game of the season I am not surprised at Carter's game last night. Hopefully he will get better.....but I do remember him from a few years back and he wasn't all that great back then either.

    I'm a big fan of DJ.....but 4 rebounds in the last 2 games from last years league leading rebounder is not a good return. If it wasn't for Schenscher we would have been hurt a lot more on the boards last night.

    Two big losses in two games. The 36ers need to get back on track soon or risk dropping to 3rd or 4th.....or worse.


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