G-Money: Pre and Post Injury

A few people have been talking/asking about Gary Ervin's pre and post injury numbers. So here they are for your entertainment.

Pre-Operation: 17.4pts, 42% FG, 4.7 ast, 5.9 FTA
Post-Operation: 12.9pts, 36% FG, 5.4 ast, 3.1 FTA

His last two games pre-op were his lowest point totals of the year (6 points and 8 points). Both times were the only games this year he'd scored in single figures. Since returning from his operation, he's scored under 10 in four of his seven games. While the Sixers have fared ok when his scoring has been down, the team looks unbeatable when both he and DJ score 20+ (see the weekend games for my point).

Ervin is clearly at his best when getting to the rack and since returning from injury, he's averaging just under three less attempts a game, indicating he's not getting to the hole as much. Some teams (most notably Wollongong) have encouraged him to punish them from outside, which is a good idea when you look at his mid-long range shooting. His field goal percentage is also down 6% since returning, adding weight to the argument he's shooting more from outside, hurting his percentages and leading to less free throws.

While Adelaide has plenty of guys that can score, you'd only really regularly rely on DJ and Gary to get to 20 with ease. In fact, besides Ervin and DJ, only Gibbo (3 times) and Creek (once) have hit 20 this year.  Gibbo has his nights but is best when left to control the tempo of the game. Creek can score in bunches but can be exposed to team's with good transition and interior D. Peach's scoring is down this year purely due to his role (his season high is 16) and he's best used as a complimentary player in offense. Teys hasn't even scored 20 for the season.

Adelaide has gone 3-4 since Ervin's return and the team will need him back to his aggressive best if it's to get a decent shot at the title.

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