Welcome Back (Preview: 36ers v Breakers 4/1/14)

Adelaide has beaten the Breakers twice this year, with both wins occurring in Kiwiland. Tomorrow, Adelaide gets a chance to go for 3 in row against the champs on it's home court.

New Zealand inflicted two painful losses on Adelaide last season at home and those who remain will be keen for a crack at redemption at home. This loss on Dec 28,2012 was especially painful. This is a different Breakers team though and welcomes back villain Gary Wilkinson. He's had lots of good moments at Adelaide Arena and the crowd will be glad to see him again, mainly so it has someone to hurl abuse at. It's likely Alex Pledger will miss which is good news for Adelaide. He's caused problems in the past on offense and with him out New Zealand has few suitable defenders for guarding the DJ/Schensch combo. Pledger's absence last round forced the Breakers to play a lot of Gary Wilkinson at the "5" and he had a day out against the Kings. Who knows what that means though as the Kings being putrid of late.

Adelaide is likely to either be without Gary Ervin or with him on limited minutes. G-Money had big games in both of Adelaide's wins over the Breakers this year and he will be missed. Fortunately Jason Cadee is in a real purple patch at the moment. He's shooting the ball better than ever, finding team mates and executing down the stretch. Expect Joey Wright to give him the green light to push the ball at every opportunity and expect JC to have another night out.

The result will largely be affected by who does and doesn't end up suiting up but if all goes as expected I'm expecting the ledger to be in Adelaide's favour. The team has been dominant at home and only looked threatened when it has got complacent. Don't expect them to be fooled this week.

My Tip: Adelaide by 8

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