The Numbers: 36ers v Crocs 18/1/14

At the 4:50 mark of the third quarter, Adelaide was sitting pretty. It led 69-50 and had just subbed on Jason Cadee for Gary Ervin, giving it a Cadee/Gibson/Creek/Anthony/Schenscher lineup.

Then bad things happened.

A few minutes earlier, commentator Rupert Sapwell said on tv "I've run out of bad things to say about Tonwsville's defense". At that point it was Adelaide 64-50 and the Crocs were playing man on man.It wasn't working. When Gibson scored 5 unanswered off two drives (including an "And 1"), it was Adelaide 69-50 and the Crocs called timeout.

Townsville changed it up at that point, going to a 2-3 zone. Josh Pace scored next time down on a tough turnaround and Joey Wright responded with his own timeout. It didn't really help, with the following occurring on Adelaide's next five possessions.

Cadee turnover
Gibson missed 2
Schenscher missed 2
Anthony blocked
Creek missed 3

Townsville at this point had it back to 69-59 on the back of a 10-0 run. While much has been made of Townsville's D and Adelaide's ability to adjust, clearly Adelaide wasn't playing smart.

Cadee turned it over making a 50/50 pass into the post
Gibson missed a mid-range jumper that came after dribbling the ball around for 10 seconds (but we'll cut him some slack)
Schenscher missed a long baseline 2
BJ got blocked inside
Mitch bricked a corner 3

In other words, not the best offense, especially considering the hot form of Gibbo.

It probably also wasn't the best lineup to use against a 2-3. Cadee and Creek are leading the team in 3PT% this year but an  Ervin/Gibson/Creek/Johnson/Schenscher or Cadee/Gibson/Petrie/Johnson/Schenscher lineup would have perhaps been more effective. The Crocs finished the quarter trailing 75-63 on the back of it's defense and a 13-6 run.

Adelaide recovered well in the fourth to win the quarter 17-16. The coaches will have plenty to work on this week though, considering it only scored 36 in that final half and it's imports are well down over the last few games. And I'm guessing there will be lots of practice on zone defense and offense this week.

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