The Numbers: FNQ Edition (Dec 6 + 7 vs Crocs and Snakes)

This week we'll look at some random numbers form the weekend and season overall.

The back-up point guard has given the team a big boost in the last 4 games, putting up the following shooting numbers

10.75 pts
14/28 Fg
6/10 3pt
9/10 Ft

These numbers are well up on his career/season numbers.

In the Townsville game, Cadee registered +14, joining Gibbo and Schensch as the only Sixers to register a positive number (both +2).

While Gibbo went off for 20pts Saturday against Cairns, the team went down big. The numbers suggest that when Gibbo is called on to score more, other parts of his game suffer. As does the team.Gibbo's points are up in losses but his assists, steals and blocks are all down.

The Sixers aren't a great three-point shooting team and that is especially true for fourth quarters. Besides G-Money, most of the team is struggling

Ervin  8/15
Gibson 0/11
Creek 2/7
Cadee 1/7
Petrie 2/6
Johnson 1/3
Frye 0/3
Teys 0/2
Sims 0/1

Johnson went scoreless in the 4th quarter against Townsville, the first time he hasn't scored in the final period all year. He went 0/4 from the field.

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