Payback....I hope (Preview: 36ers v Taipans 15/12/13)

The 36ers will have their third crack at the Taipans tomorrow and for the first time, this one is at home.

Adelaide came out with a hard-fought win in Rd 1 and the Taipans won comfortably in Round 2. That was last week in a tough 20 point loss. Cairns blew Adelaide away in the last five minutes and thankfully no-one besides who was there saw it due to "technical difficulties".

The odds are stacked in the Sixers favour this week as now Adelaide has home court and now the Taipans have to deal with playing a second game within 48 hours. Adelaide's 0-2 road trip left a bitter taste in it's mouth and the team will be keen to protect is undefeated home record and get one back on Cairns.

So how can Adelaide win? I'm glad you asked.

Adelaide got smashed by the three-point shot last round and the play of point guards. Expect Adelaide to pay a little more respect to the Taipans from long range tomorrow and expect Gibbo to focus on his defense and to have one of his trademark 8/7/7 type games. G-Money and the rejuvenated Jason Cadee must look to attack the rim and DJ and BJ should look to draw some fouls on Loughton inside. The Taipans big has been a constant thorn in Adelaide's side this year and Adelaide must ensure he's worked over on the defensive end.

While it must slow Wilson and Loughton, it mustn't underestimate (as many past Sixers teams have done) lesser light shooters like Weigh and Steindl. Stevey Weigh looks to be getting into some sort of form and Steindl also has picked up a little the last few games. Steindl had a memorable first-quarter performance here last year and we know Weigh shoots the ball very well in Adelaide.

I'm expecting Adelaide to bounce back and get back to it's hungry, aggressive best.

My Tip: Adelaide by 12

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