Merry Christmas Naptown! (Review: Adelaide v Cairns 15/12/13)

Adelaide 91, Cairns 67

Take your fingers of the panic button 36ers, last week appears to have just been a minor scare, not a full blown MartyClark era type catastrophe.

The 36ers exacted revenge on the Cairns Taipans, prevailing with a comfortable 91-67 win. Adelaide was led by Adam Gibson (16pts, 9 rebounds), Daniel Johnson (21 and 7) and Anthony Petrie (13 and 6). It also got valuable contributions from Jason Cadee (7pts, 5 assists) and Luke Schenscher (8pts, 9 boards). It was truly a team win though if ever there was one.

Adelaide got into an offensive groove early, jumping out to a 17-8 lead in just over four minutes before Aaron Fearne had seen enough and made three substitutions. The Taipans got it back quickly to 17-15 before Adelaide got going again thanks to some subs of it's own and benefited from the energy of Mitch Creek (4 rebounds and a three for the quarter), Jason Cadee (5 for the quarter), Luke Schenscher (2 offensive rebounds, 2 assists) and BJ Anthony (4pts). Adelaide led 31-23 at the end of the quarter and was looking very engaged.

The second quarter was played much more on Cairns's terms as the pace was slowed,  Adelaide only getting off fifteen shot attempts and turning the ball over four times. When Gary Ervin got away for a quarter ending break, it looked like Adelaide would finish the half on a high but Demetri McCamey got an excellent block, closing a 13-13 quarter. Adelaide held a 44-36 lead going into the second half.

It was a tight third quarter with the teams exchanging blows but Adelaide just seemed to have the game under control. Adelaide was being well lead by Adam Gibson, who was vocal at both ends of the floor and was leading his team just as the situation required. Gibson had only a week before had his way with Cairns on the offensive end but wasn't at his defensive best. This time he was fully locked in at both ends. Adelaide won the quarter 22-21 and led 66-57 going into the fourth.

Adelaide blew the game open in the fourth, going on a 12-0 run early and played some of it's best basketball of the season, highlighted by a beautiful pass from Gibson to Petrie that got them out to an 80-59 lead. Cairns was cooked by then and the only question from here was when would the DP's (development players) get in. At the 1 minute mark, home fans got their first look at Daniel Sims and their first look at Jan Warbout for the season. Neither scored so fans would just have to be content with a 24 point win and the team's undefeated home record in tact.

In yesterday's preview,  I highlighted the need for Adelaide to slow Loughton and Wilson and that it was likely Gibbo would have one of his 8/7/7 type games. Check and check. Wilson and Loughton combined for a horrific 4/21 (including 0/6 threes) while Gibbo truly stepped it up, going for a 16/3/9 game. Gibson was outstanding in the second half and led one of the best team performances we've seen in the last few years. These numbers show how well Adelaide played in all aspects of the game

39/78 FG (50%)
5/12 3PT (42%)
8/12 FT (67%)
Rebounds- 42 to 36
Assists- 26 to 10
Turnovers- 8 to 10


Gibson (32min, 16pts, 3 reb, 9 ast). Great at both ends and his passing and shooting were near their best. Just what the doctor ordered.

Ervin (30min, 8pts, 0 reb, 3 ast). Shot was off and struggled to have any major influence. Luckily Gibson was having a day out.

Frye (20min, 8pts, 3 reb, 2 ast). Nice contribution and had his moments. That free throw shooting needs some work though. Where are you Brett Maher?

Petrie- (21min, 13pts, 6 reb, 3 ast). Solid game and supported the other bigs well.

Johnson (24min, 21pts, 7 reb, 0 ast). Extremely efficient and he should be able to do this everytime against this Taipans frontcourt. Would have had a 30 point game if he got the minutes. The win will have to do!

Cadee (18min, 7pts, 3 reb, 5 ast). Continues his little purple patch, this time getting others more involved with 5 great assists.

Teys (2min, 2 reb, 1 ast). Came on at the death and got on the stats sheet. Been a while since he's scored though.

Schenscher (17min, 8pts, 9 reb, 3 ast). Needs more of these games as the key big coming off the bench, often against second units. Did something everytime he was on the floor.

Creek (14min, 6pts, 6 reb, 0 ast). Great in the first quarter especially and was back to his all-around best. 2/2 threes.

Anthony (15min, 4pts, 3 reb, 0 ast). Got limited shots but looked dangerous again.

Sims (1min, donuts). Yeah

Warbout (1min, donuts). Also yeah

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  1. Even though DJ once again led the scoring for the 36ers, its good to see that the team is still able to pull off a 24 point win without Gary Ervin dominating the stats sheet. Unlike last year where we crumbled under pressure more often than not, this team has confidence under Joey Wright and its becoming a team effort out there, If Ervin has a quiet game then players like Gibbo and Cadee are stepping up. Peach has some good backup with BJ Anthony, while Luke Schenscher is a good backup for DJ, despite some thinking he is only there because of his height.

    Basically, even though there are still 6 of last years wooden spooners in Joey Wright's 10 man rotation, we now have the depth and confidence to give the NBL a real shake.


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