Go North! (Preview: 36ers v Townsville 6/12/13)

Adelaide's matchups with Townsville last year were about as enjoyable as watching this video 85 consecuitve times.

If you were fortunate enough to have missed all of the Crocs/Sixers games last year, here's what you missed.....

-Scott Christopherson's debut (1pt on 0/5 fg)
-Townsville winning it's first game of the year against us (after starting 0-10)
-Adelaide not beating Townsville allseason
-Mitch Creek's injury
-Gary Ervin routinely murdering us

Fortunately for Adelaide, Gary Ervin is now with us, Luke Nevill is playing in Taiwan and Scott Christopherson has taken his talents to Switzerland. We've also upgraded from Marty Clarke to Joey Wright and replaced Steve Weigh with Jarrid Frye. In short- you can foget everything about last year.

While it's a totally different Adelaide team, Townsville haven't exactly taken a nosedive either. They brought in Shawn Dennis who is making his mark on the team, brought in two imports in Conklin and Pace who are established players and have surrounded them with a mix of veterans and guys nearing their prime.

The Crocs impressed in their last game 2 weeks ago against the Tigers, completely shutting down Melbourne in the final quarter for a memorable win. Adelaide wasn't at it's best last week due to a mix of injury and perhaps a little complacency. The ladder tells us it's second versus sixth but this game should be a beauty.

On paper the teams matchup well. Townsville can match Adelaide's size and can give several different looks in the backcourt. Both teams are deep and regularly give nine players decent minutes. Each team is well coached, prioritises defense and can play inside or out.

In the end I think this will come down to who can score more easily. It won't be a high scoring game and the difference will likely be what each teams gets out of it's best players. I'm expecting DJ and Ervin to both have big games and in the end be too much for the Crocs.

My Tip: Adelaide by 4

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